Fibaro button "Held" not available in Smart Lighting?

Why doesn’t the “Held” option work for the Fibaro Button ?

Smart Lighting has the “Button Pressed or Held” option but when you select it you are only presented with “Which button” 1-5 ?

I know I can switch to CoRE since HELD work with CoRE but for now I am trying to address the simple fact that held should work in Smart Lighting but doesn’t. Is the DH missing something or is this a bug in Smart Lighting ?

I contacted support and got the typical. This device is not supported by Smart Things because it is a custom device handler. Convenient answer!

Which DTH are you using?

From this thread.

I just started fixing the issue. It seems capability “Holdable Button” was never added.

There are also errors in the “Held” code. I have it working but is there a better version I should be using @Tyler?

No, I’m not aware of a DTH for that device yet. The closest I can think of is:

HeHe…that’s exactly the one I used to fix my Fibaro DH code. Thanks.

My working version is here. I should probably clean it up some more. It was throwing groovy errors on held anyway. This version seems clean so far.