Fibaro FIBEFGK-101-ZW5 Door/Window Sensor

Hello, this is driving me mad so any help is appreciated.

I have the Fibaro FIBEFGK-101-ZW5 Door/Window Sensor. For some reason I can’t find a device handler that works correctly with it, despite it being officially supported by SmartThings.

I have had it set up working fine, but decided to mess around with it by hooking it up to a pressure pad. Now I can’t get it to detect open/closed properly.

The “Fibaro Door/Window Sensor ZW5” device handler detects open and closed stated but seems to be getting these mixed up with tamper active. The “Fibaro Door/Window Sensor ZW5 With Temperture” has the same problem while “Fibaro Door/Window Sensor” displays correctly within the app but does not detect the open/closed state. It just gets stuck on open/closed.

I have tried removing the device from SmartThings and resetting the device as per the manual and have added it to SmartThings again but with the same problems.

I have also tried JJ’s device handler with no luck.

Is anyone able to give me any help?

It’s driving mad as I did have it working perfectly previously both with and without the pressure pad attached, I think I may have been using a custom device handler, but can’t remember where I found it or what it was called.

Any help is appreciated.


when the sensor go in to tamper mode it will not display open/closed their are two tamper switches one on the back and one inside.
things to to get it working is put new battery in
1/ remove it from smart things
2/ factory reset sensor video youtube how to . please note do not press tamper switch on the back of sensor if not already mounted

3/ add it again in smart things rename with new name that you haven’t used before
4/ it should say tamper clear
5/ remove from smart things but don’t reset sensor just scan for new device and add
becareful not to click the back tamper switcth i have two of these sensor and had same problem as you it is not a problem with smart things it is documentation with sensor
hope this is helpful