Problem with Fibaro door window sensor 2 and now with Motion sensor

Two days ago i bought Samsung Smartthings Hub. Today i got Fibaro door window sensor 2. At first i successfully add it to smartthings app. It show state open/close, temperature and battery at 80%. For the same room i ad Sonoff zigbee zbr3 on bulb. After that i make automation that door senzor turn on light when door open. Then sensor allways show open state. I try to dellete device and add it again, but allways show open state, baterry at 100%. It doesnt work. At proces of adding sensor in app i got error 34-501 and message thad device not work properly.
I am new to smart home automation and dont know what to do.
Please help

P. S. I appologize for my bad english

Fibaro door window sensor 2 may need a special device handler that you add to your IDE before you add the Fibaro door window sensor 2.

here is fibaros example how to add special device handler code to the Smartthings IDE:

here is one example:

here is another example for the zw5 (aka zwave plus) version:

Thanks, but something i make wrong. I make everithing like in link but its still the same

after you added the device driver to the IDE, did you remove (unpair) the fibaro device and then re-pair it and did it connect using the new device handler? you can verify this by going into the IDE and checking devices and then click on the fibaro device and it will show what dh it is using.

I made it
it work but it dont show temperature

are you sure the fibaro sensor has the temp feature? if so, it might take it a while to initially update.

The box says yes. When i first time add it to app it show temperature too.
In IDE when i need to choose dh it offers me two new dh, Fibaro door window sensor 2 zw5 and Fibaro door window sensor 2 zw5 with temperature. First is same name like in the programe from github. I can try the other one

In a room wher i will use sensor dont need temperature, so no big deal

One more question. I also bought Fibaro motion sensor. Will i have to change device handler for him too?

Both the Fibaro Door sensor and Motion sensor will work with the stock handler. However they may not display as you would like in the app. If you edit the sensor in the IDE you can scroll to the Fibaro section.

BTW, you do not need to delete and re-add the device when you change the handler.

Here is a handler I modified to run locally and display temp how I wanted. Link

Thats the same list that i have. I will try with door window sensor 2.

BTW, you do not need to delete and re-add the device when you change the handler.
I get it
I am new in world of home automation and i was just beginning to learn

Thanks for your help, and to Awestun

Just to report. Today i change sensor from the list and work perfectly. And show temperature to

After door/window sensor. today i install Motion sensor ZW5. I install new DH from GitHub and after few attempts it worked. the lux was probabli wrong, but everithing else work fine. I even made a scene. Than i try to reset him, because i think that maybe lux would be ok. But after that he dont wont to work.
Whatever i tried hi dont wont to work.
I don’t know what to do

If you reset a Fibaro sensor it loses its association with the Z-Wave mesh and will need to be included again. You will also have to manually delete the old device. I would do things in the following order

  1. Delete old device. (Do this in the IDE)
  2. Run a Z-wave repair (Do this from the APP)
  3. Include sensor again

Thanks. I’ll try this afternoon

This is driving me crazy.
I did as you said
The movement does not register, illuminance and temperature shows, and battery status
Three axis are all zero

This is copy from IDE:

I dont know how but now is working
I messed up something and now it works

Good that it works. If you have issue you could try the stock device handler. Go into the IDE and edit the device. In the type field your customer handlers are at the bottom. Just scroll up to the Fibaro section.

It is working with stock device handler.
The worst part is that i dont know how he managed to work. If i buy the same sensor again, i will have the same problem and dont know how to solve them.

I found I had more problems when deleting or resetting devices. You need to resist the urge to do this as Z-wave forms a mesh, so fiddling with one device can impact the mesh and others. Most of the time it is not needed anyway.

As a general note that is not directed at you. I see too many people on here wanting to reset devices or their hubs or deleting and re-crating automation and having issues. ST does not seem to like you doing things more than once or too quickly. IMO patience is the key and it usually works.

If your sensor works wing a stock handler then delete the custom one. Next time you add a device it should pick the correct stock handler by default.

Thanks a lot for your advice.
I am new in a world of home automation and i was just starting to learn.