Fibaro FGWPB-121 Not Connecting?

Decided to try my first Fibaro unit, so far not so good. Nothing I do makes the thing connect. No problems with knock off wall outlets, GE/Jasco, SmartThings brand. In fact I just onlined two outdoor GE units without issue. Any tricks to get this wall outlet to connect? I do not get an error, it just cannot scan and find it or work when I manually select.

I learned to dislike the Fibaro products which go stupid too often in my system. But in general your issue sounds like it is already paired, maybe by factory testing or used by others. For hub-v1 I would do a Zwave-general-exclusion then pair-again to resolve this issue. For hub-v2 or hub-v3 I don’t know how to resolve it since I cannot see how to initiate general-exclusion, I can only see how to “remove this device” after it is paired.

Bummer. Rolling a v2 hub so the general exclusion via the Z-wave tools seems to be lacking. I will give it a shot again and see.

well I checked again, my hub-v2 in the new phone app, appears as a tile in one of my rooms (easy to lose track). Clicking on THAT tile, then top-right-vertical-ellipse, then Zwave-exclusion, should do it. I’m not home to check - but seems like THAT mystery is resolved.

Otherwise each regular Zwave device should have a specific magic “difficult” sequence to exclude itself, that sequence/procedure varies by manufacturer/device and may be unpredictable. At least zigbee devices are easy, usually just “hold the button and re-insert the battery”.

@ero4444 thank you for the support. Took me multiple exclusion tries and then it started working. Not a good first Fibaro impression. The USB port that is metered separately than the outlet is pretty cool, but not cool enough if it throws fits.