Fibaro Double Switch 2 - USB: second switch not working


I bought a fibaro double swtich and wanted to integrate it to my smarthings hub. The goal is to use two buttons to controll one scenario each.

I have managed to integrate it towards the hub. It recognize that it is 2 different switches. The switch with device handler Fibaro Double Switch 2 ZW5 works well from the new smarthings app. I can turn it off/on with both app and with physical button to activate a scene.

The other buttonmakes the relay klick but do not switch the state in the smarthings app. In the app it says controlling status so I can not change it to on/off. This one is using the Fibaro Double Switch 2 - USB device handler. I do not have the option to use this switch to activate a scene.

Anny one have experienced the same problem and managed to figure out how to make the second switch work?


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I have the same issue. If I look at the device on the web it is listed as a parental device and a child device. The child device was automatically given the device handler “Fibaro…USB”, and the parental device “Fibaro…ZW5”. But the child device does not show up in the new app, so I cannot use it … Anyone with similar experieices and a solution?

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