Fibaro door sensor (FGK-101) temp and tamper - fixed the device

I’ve gone back to the original code in SmartThings GITHUB and fixed the Fibaro door sensor to show the tamper detection working properly and the Temperature to work.

If you want to use the temperature YOU MUST RESET THE SENSOR after installing the DS18B20.
It will not work unless you do this. Instructions are in the operating manual…

I found I needed to reset several times for it to work.

Once you reset, ensure you have removed the device from you settings as you need to add the sensor again. This is a pain if you have applications using the sensor already.

It is important when you detect the device you change it to the new device file

You know if it is working because when you go to the ST app on the mobile device and select the sensor from your THINGS, you will have a white temperature tile and no temperature yet.
If you have a blue (or any other colour) and no temp showing, then the reset hasn’t worked or the probe isn’t installed correctly (or is faulty!)

If you have the white temp tile, then click the tamper button to wake up the sensor (for some reason it needs to be the tamper and not the open/close, and leave for 5 mins and then the temperature should appear.


OH if you are going to use an external switch, ie to connect to an existing smoke alarm, you can use either close to alert or open to alert… Ive put the setting in line 344 and 345 and you comment one line out and uncomment the other. I’ll put a posting and modify the driver further when I have this working as it will be a weekend project in the future to convert an existing smoke alarm to ST device.
UK building regulations means smoke alarm needs to be mains connected and so new builds or renovations have existing mains powered smoke alarms and heat alarm. Connecting in the interface wire of the existing system with a relay and this sensor will detect the trigger. I will then change the sensor to change from basic sensor to smoke alarm which should make it work differently in ST.

Can you make it report temperature every 5 minutes at least. Mine can report every 4 minutes and then do not report in hours. That disrupts all my monitoring attempts.

dunno. I guess it is adjusting the wakeup time but that will affect the battery life.
I’ll have a look.

Oh I’ve got the smoke alarm trigger to work and it does what I expect with fly leads, just looking into temperature as a trigger.

The new weekend project I have now is to look at hiding a probe in the wooden mantel over the log burner and then turning the radiator valve off in the room so I don’t overheat the room.

That wont be for a few months as I’m spending too much on the toys, but it is going to be sooooooo easy to do.

Hi @Richierich, im getting the following error when trying to create the custom DTH based on your code…

Groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: script1470406143056758476728.Enter() is applicable for argument types: (null) values: [null] Possible solutions: render(java.util.Map), every(), now(), page(), pages(), tiles()

Any ideas?


Same here.

Thank you for your effort, but this is not working.
Error statement is:

Groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: script1489616800010758476728.Enter() is applicable for argument types: (null) values: [null] Possible solutions: render(java.util.Map), every(), now(), page(), pages(), tiles()

With this device handler & a brand new FGK-101 with temp sensor no data getting to android app. No status changes at all. I can see events in the live logging. It works with “Fibaro Door/Window Sensor ZW5 with Temperature” handler.
Anyone got any ideas ?

Sorry, been offline for a bit re smartthings. Just got back to it now I can build lighting controller for MiLIghts!

Temp data is something to do with powering on at the right time.
The instructions tell you what to press as you insert the battery with the temp sensor connected.

Re error. I can only assume something not copied correctly. I’ve not see the error beofre other than when somthing has been missed in the copy.