Fibaro Dimmer (211) - Changing Default Switch Type

I have a single toggle light switch (standard issue white MK Switch) wired up to my Fibaro Dimmer Universal (FGD-211). This is working fine through smart things as a standard Dimmer Type switch. I have changed the device type and added a configure feature to set the Switch type - from a momentary (default) to a Toggle switch. According to the documentation Parameter 14 is the ticket, and changing the value to 1. I can successfully run this but it doesnt seem to change anything (I still need to use the double click to turn off/on the switch). Code below - any other ideas?

This is code

def configure() {
log.debug "configure() entry"
zwave.configurationV1.configurationSet(configurationValue: [1], parameterNumber: 14, size: 1).format()
log.debug “configure() exit”

Not sure if this is what is causing your issue, as I do not have that switch. But, you may need to put the switch into pair mode and hit configure on the Device Handler.

Did you get this to work? It may be that you had not called the function to trigger the update after attaching to the Fibaro dimmer in the IDE simulator. Works perfectly on my setup.

Hi there

Did you ever get your Fibaro Dimmer switch 1 to update its config parameters - I am having the same issue with one of my switches. I am migrating over from Vera, and sending config commands was very straightforward there!

I’m a complete coding newbie, and have tried with no luck to do anything than make my dimmer unresponsive.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

so i modified some acripts to send some commands to the dimmer. I got it to a state thst a quick on/off turns the light off. I changed the dimming to go full brightness with no delays etc. Happy to help you do that if you want?

The way I had it set before was that config parameter 14 was set to 1, and the toggle switch acted as a conventional on/off light switch, all the dimming functionality is performed through the app… I am looking to achieve the same again with ST - Need to keep it simple for house guests to be able to work the light switches!

Edit - I would include my code, however I’m not sure how to post it here in an easy to display manor… :sa:
Through trial and error, I have managed to create a tile for configuration which triggers a command to send out the parameter to the device. The command generates log entrys, however the behaviour of my module remains unchanged?

def configure() { "configure start"
zwave.configurationV1.configurationSet(configurationValue: [1], parameterNumber: 14, size: 1).format()//Toggle      Switch Parameter "configure stop"

I ended up adding code to the device type so when the toggle switch is thrown and the fibaro 211 dimmer sends a message to the hub, smartthings sends a message back telling it to dim up or down etc. Take a look at this…

So I implemented the same code and it doesnt get the light to switch on/off? Still need the double off/on

OK. You need to have the right parameter values set too. When I have some time I will check mine and post them for you. I think it is parameter 10 or 14.