Fibaro Switches - Custom Device Type Help Needed to Avoid Sleeping with Dog

Hi guys,

I am honestly at my wits end. Am a non-programmer and had been trying for almost a week now. I essentially need to create a custom device type for my Fibaro Dimmers (which I am using as a switch because it doesn’t need a neutral wire). Can I please trouble some kind soul to help me with the code for two custom devices? I need to pass the parameters below to the device for it to work properly else it keeps flickering and my wife is just about to kill me now…

Name: Fibaro Dimmer (Toggle Switch & LED)

  • 20 - set to 137 for “adjusts the impulse length applied to the bulbs”
  • 12 - set to 99 for “dimmable and non-dimmable LEDs”
  • 13 - set to 98 for “non-dimmable LEDs”
  • 14 - set to 1 for “toggle switch”
  • 10 - set to 0 for “immediate on / off”

Name: Fibaro Dimmer (Toggle Switch & Fluorescent)

  • 14 - set to 1 for “toggle switch”
  • 10 - set to 0 for “immediate on / off”

Fibaro is has many z-wave devices on the market and it is only Z-Wave module available on the market capable of controlling LED lighting or fluorescent lights in electrical systems without a neutral wire. I am sure this will be a genuinely useful addition for other users as well once Fibaro hits the US market which I hear is soon!

Sorry to provide some follow up context - these are dimmers but I am using them as switches because they don’t need a neutral wire which I am missing in my house. As such, they only need to be “typed” as switches, i.e. on / off attributes only.

I’ve been watching for this product availability. I too have a situation where neutral wire isn’t readily available. Since it has to allow some current through, I wondered if it really would work without occasional flashes.

Sorry, I’m not any help but am interested in a solution also.

This has piqued my interest. I see that the device sits behind a switch, in line with the light. Does that mean a regular, dumb switch can become a smart switch? Can you still command the lights to come on even if the switch has not been flipped? When the switch is flipped, is that a “trigger” for the device or is it actually completing the full electric circuit?

Thoughts - if it turns the switch into a “trigger”, could you use this in combination with Hue lights? Meaning, can the device allow the lights to always be powered, responding to commands, but also the trigger of the switch flip could execute a command to turn the lights on?

This is an intriguing device if I actually understand what it does. :smile:

I had tried it with a Vera Lite and it does work without a neutral wire although if you’re using LEDs, you will likely need the bypass.

And Brian - yes to all your queries (although I don’t have a Hue so am not sure on that part). I have it working in that manner right now. The only issue is that it thinks it’s a dimmer so there’s that slide towards full brightness and the flickering which should be resolved with a custom device type, that is if somebody can help…

I have it working perfectly fine with a Vera Lite, even the physical switch works.

Fascinating. I guess the only thing you lose is being able to dim using the physical switch?

I took a look at their website and they hay some very cool stuff. I hope the price and quality are there. If they are, I think they could make a mint!

I just want to add that after Andrew Urman’s help who stayed up until 4am to help me with a customised device type, everything is now working!

Hi Kaiwei,

I have the same problem. I’m using a Fibaro universal Dimmer that I would like to switch to 14-1. Can you share what the solution is?


Hi Josh,

I’ve just ordered one of these for testing, any chance you could share with us what you did to get it working in the end?


Wow this is soooo frustrating !!
I too want to use the Fibaro Dimmer with SmartThings and have it wired in and partially working. But I need to set parameters as above and really need the same advice and custom device handler.

How can I get the custom device handler ?
Why isn’t it published by SmartThings ?

Finding this forum massively frustrating. Threads are incomplete, nobody responds for months.

Just thought I would post back here as I have now solved my Fibaro Dimmer (211) connected to two wire UK toggle switch problems.

I have created my own custom Device Type. When the physical toggle switch is switched over, the Fibaro Dimmer sends a zwave message to the hub. My custom Device Type is coded to recognise these messages when they arrive as part of the customised parse method. I then have the parse method include a Hub Action event in its results. Smartthings then sends this Hub Action event to the hub and the hub sends the zwave message to “TURN ON” or “TURN OFF” back to the Fibaro dimmer. It works a treat and the lights dim up or dim down when the physical toggle switch is operated.

Along the way I have learnt a lot more about SmartThings :smile: and some Groovy :slight_smile:

Hope this makes some sense for others having problems with this.

Can you share your custom device type, I’d love to see how you’ve handled this :smile:

I am not quite sure how to go about sharing a custom device type with another user. I havent signed up to a GitHub account yet, although I did find some useful code there. So below is the custom parse method. I don’t claim it is the best code in the world, but it works, and hell it has been 20 years since I did any programming…

def parse(String description) {
def result
def hubact //used for a hubaction when the toggle switch is toggled
log.debug “About to parse: ${description}”

def cmd = zwave.parse(description, [0x26: 1, 0x70: 2, 0x72: 2])
//log.debug "Parsed to cmd: ${cmd}"

//if the toggle switch is toggled on, define a hubaction to switch the dimmer on
//and change the parsed command to be a switchmultilevelreport action
if ("${cmd}" == "BasicSet(value: 255)") {  
    hubact = response(zwave.basicV1.basicSet(value: 0x63).format())
    description = "zw device: 02, command: 2603, payload: 63"
    cmd = zwave.parse(description, [0x26: 1, 0x70: 2, 0x72: 2])
    log.debug "command changed to ${cmd}"

//if the toggle switch is toggled off, define a hubaction to switch the dimmer off
//and change the parsed command to be a switchmultilevelreport action
if ("${cmd}" == "BasicSet(value: 0)") {
    hubact = response(zwave.basicV1.basicSet(value: 0x00).format())
    description = "zw device: 02, command: 2603, payload: 00"
    cmd = zwave.parse(description, [0x26: 1, 0x70: 2, 0x72: 2])
    log.debug "command changed to ${cmd}"

def item1 = [
	canBeCurrentState: false,
	linkText: getLinkText(device),
	isStateChange: false,
	displayed: false,
	descriptionText: description,
	value:  description

if (cmd) {
    result = createEvent(cmd, item1)
else {
	item1.displayed = displayed(description, item1.isStateChange)
	result = [item1]

if (hubact) {
result << hubact
//log.debug "Parse returned ${result}"


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