Fibaro Dimmer 2 shows wrong ON/OFF status

Hi there,

Thanks for a great community. I have 10+ Fibaro Dimmer 2 installed in my house, and I use the integrated device handler (Fibaro Dimmer 2 ZW5) in ST.

These are working OK, and I can handle both the lights, dimmer volume and make scenes and automations. BUT, when I use the physical switch to turn on/off the lights, the status in ST isn’t changing, making problems because:

  1. I never know if the status is right when not home
  2. The automations isn’t consistent, so if the light is off, and the ST isn’t aware of this, it will turn on when the automation is running at a certain time.

The strange thing is: I have 1x Dimmer 2 which actually works, and sends status to ST right away withing a second. Both turning on and off. The only difference for this device compared to the other dimmers is the Z-Wave route which I found in the api. So this one actually goes through another dimmer device in my setup. All the others goes directly to the HUB. Could this tell anything useful?

Thanks Nicolaj

I think you are facing the issues we are also facing in this thread:

[Fibaro Single Switch 2 no longer responds to status (January 2020)](http://Fiabro ON/OFF)

Wait for a few days until the new 0.30.5 firmware is deployed which contains some fixes that were affecting fibaro devices and see if it resolves your issue.