Fibaro Dimmer 2 Scene Activation


There is this function -Scene Activation- in the Fibaro Dimmer 2. Does anybody knows what can we do with it?

Thank you.

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For example I want to create a webCoRE template if scene 25 (S2 Mommentary Switch 3clicks) than do Stuff.

How can I retrieve in webCoRE these 3 clicks. What should I choose for the if?

Thank you.

You give answers more quicker than me, questions!

Thank you very much [deleted]!

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What I don’t understand from your piston is what case 22/25/26 are?

Thank you [deleted].
You are great at explanations!

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Another thing. Sorry for bother, again. How do you insert syntax on events from in webCoRE? :slight_smile:
I do not find this syntax in webCoRE :roll_eyes:.
(I imported your piston, of course, but if I want to create a new piston I wonder how I insert on events from syntax)

Thank you.

I created pistons like you said and it worked!
But I still don’t know how do you insert comments on webCoRE. :slight_smile:

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Indeed. Thank you!

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Hi All , I’m looking for some advice please . I can not find any scene control in webcore at all . I have checked advanced statements as described above and have tried to use sample piston .I can see the scene change been changed while on smartthings . Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Robin , yes I’m clear on that . I meant i can see scenes changing on the fibaro switch . But cant get a scene attribute at all on webcore ?

Hi thanks for prompting me to check DH , it had selected another fibaro handler ( normal fibaro switch ) all working now . I really appreciate the help

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Hi guys,

I’m having the same issue (or veru similar at least). I’m trying to get a Fibaro Double Switch 2 to send scene IDs to webcore. I’ve imported the piston above and have cut it down and adapted it to my devices but I can’t select the ‘scene’ attribute.

Is this to do with the device handler that I’m using ? I’m using: "Fibaro Double Switch 2 ZW5 " device handler.

Any help would be appreciated.


Thanks for the info Robin, I’ve been driving myself crazy trying to get scenes working from a Fibaro Double Switch 2. Real shame that scenes don’t work from double switches as the dimmer only allows control of a single load. Looks like I’ll be getting plenty of Fibaro dimmers instead.

If you could advise on the best device handler for the Fibaro Dimmer 2 it would be appreciated (I assume the CODERSAUR one). Again, many thanks for your help.

P.S. I PM’d Ady624 on WebCore forum 23 days ago now hoping for a TestFlight invitation for WebCore presence sensors (x2 iPhones) but I’ve unfortunately had no reply. Is there another way for me to get the TestFlight invitation ?

Many thanks Robin :+1:t3:

Is it possible to tap into Fibaro Dimmer 2 scene control if I’m using a momentary centre off switch on the main circuit?

Hi Robin, based on your example I have tried to create a piston that I can use to also use the dimming function of IKEA Tradfri bulb.
The case 26 works pefect (toggle on/off), but I can´t get the dimming to work at all.
If you would have any time over, I kindly asks if you have any idea what is missing/not working? :slight_smile:

Did you get it to work, im looking for the same thing.