Activate Smartthings Scene via Fibaro Dimmer 2 + Tradfri

Hi there,

I have various Fibaro Dimmer 2’s and use them to control dimmable led-lights throughout the house. I used ‘association groups’ with mediocre success (i.e. often not all lights turn of). Now, I added a level of complexity by installing a Ikea Tradfri bulb on the bedside table - and I am stuck.

My goal: use a fibaro dimmer 2 - S1 or S2 switch - to switch off:

  1. the lamp it’s physically connect to (no issue)
  2. various other lamps that have fibaro dimmer 2’s (works, but unreliable through ‘association groups’)
  3. switch of a zigbee device (Ikea tradfri bulb)

I believe, the best solution that allows for freedom and creativty is to use the Smartthings Scenes. Hereby, I don’t mean scenes triggered by the dimmer (i.e., but scenes like ‘bedtime’ or ‘leaving the house’.

I believe this boils down to the (in essence) simple question:

Despite this seemingly simple question the answer (to me at least) didn’t seem so straight-forward. Been searching tirelessly for the last the last 1.5 days, so I’d love to hear your ideas and help keep my (and my wife’s) sanity :blush:

Many thanks for your help and ideas!


Fibaro scene and smartthings scenes are completely different things the only way to access fibaro scenes to use it to trigger your ikea bulb is to use webcore.
I have the same set up using the s2 button on fibaro dimmer 2 to turn on ikea bulbs in my hallway.

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I just installed webcore and am not able to use the S2 button yet. Moreover, I don’t see the scene activation in the log as well when I press the S2 button, despite the fact that I enabled this under setting 28.

Can you share your throughts on how to get this party started in Webcore? A screenshot of your settings would come in handy as well perhaps.

Thanks a bunch man!

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I don’t have 2 devices, but only 1. Never knew that might be an option. If I have 2 devices available for 1 double monetary switch that would greatly simplify my life indeed.

Below the screenshot of the DTH that I have used for many years:

What are your throughts?

Update: I switched on the first IDE live logging level to ‘info’ and now the S2 button nicely shows up as ‘scene #26’ in the log. Still unsure how to move along with Webcore though.

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At the moment I am stuck at this point. I was able to fix the status report by switching on IDE live logging. However, there is no reaction yet on my action of pressing the S2 button, despite the fact that the trigger is seen (and Webcore shows that it is ‘subscribing’).

what kind of button are you using toggle or retractive as that makes a differance to which scene id you use.

I used this for scene ids

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This is my piston if it helps.

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Fibaro scenes are “zwave central scenes.” SmartThings doesn’t provide any official feature to access these, but many people have written custom DTHs which convert the central scene number for a specific device so that it looks like a button press to smartthings. This allows you to use it with smartlighting or some of the other button handlers. But since it sounds like the OP is already familiar with Webcore, that’s probably the best way to do it. I just wanted to mention that there are other ways as well. :sunglasses:

Cool thanks I wasn’t familiar with that I thought only webcore showed the fibaro scenes.
Do you know which device handlers would allow him to use fibaro scenes in smart lighting app?

That’s the problem I originally mentioned: last time I looked no one had updated the Fibaro DTHs to work with the new app. :disappointed_relieved: and Fibaro has already said that they don’t want to spend extra company resources just to provide smartthings integration. They feel Zwave certification should be enough and after that if a hub has its own unique requirements, the hub manufacturer should provide them. This is very different from, for example, Zooz and Inovelli, both of which have provided updated DTHs for their central scene devices.

There are at least a half a dozen threads, maybe more, in the forum from people reporting that Fibaro doesn’t work anymore with the new app, so maybe look for some of those. But if webcore is working and the OP is comfortable with it, that just seems simpler right now. :sunglasses:

It’s a shame as fibaro make such good hardware but they don’t seem interested in working with smartthings or even making it possible to update their firmware.
But as you’ve said in other posts it seems z wave might be left behind in a few years and if I’d do it all again now I’d probably use cheaper zigbee modules instead of z wave.

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Not to get too far off topic, but the biggest advantage of Zwave is that there’s no issue with Wi-Fi interference. And for fixed location devices like light switches, that can be a very real advantage indeed.

I’m one of those who doesn’t feel that the blame really accrues to Fibaro in this circumstance. Their devices are certified to a third-party standard, Z wave. That should be enough. The fact that it isn’t is just highlighting weaknesses in the smartthings Zwave implementation, and I don’t think it’s up to the third-party manufacturers to fill in those cracks every time.

In fact, one of the things that I’m hopeful about for the new partnership where Aeotec is taking over the hub hardware is that maybe that will put pressure on smartthings to begin supporting some of the more advanced Zwave features through the official UI, including associations and central scenes. Aeotec’s other hubs do. So I’m hopeful that, say, two years from now, Fibaro zwave devices will work even better with smartthings. But we will see. :sunglasses:

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