Fibaro Dimmer 2 possibly defective button

I read the other threads about pairing problems with this device. I think the button on my Fibaro Dimmer 2 is defective.

I purchased a Fibaro Dimmer 2 on Amazon in the US. I installed it without a neutral. When I turned on the power, it lit up blue. The wall switch turns the lights on/off. I placed my Smartthings hub 3 feet away. I opened add a thing in the mobile app. I pressed the button three times quickly. Nothing happens. When I hold down the button to reset the device, the led should go on when the device resets, but nothing happens. If I disconnect reconnect the line, the led quickly flashes green.

Someone in another thread wrote that he had to break off the plastic cover over the button to get the button to work. I don’t think that is a good decision for the warranty.

I think I’m going to send it back and get a new one. Any suggestions?

You can also pair using the S1 switch. Power the module off/on and then 3 taps on S1.

I know about that, but I don’t have a momentary switch. I wasn’t planning on using one.

I was just thinking you could use it to pair. A toggle switch also works. You just need to flick to on/off 3 times.

I thought that too, but it doesn’t go into pairing mode at all. I think maybe the device is defective. Amazon is sending me a new one, and I ordered a momentary switch too. I report back at the end of the week. Thanks!

The replacement arrived today, and it worked perfectly. The other is defective like I surmised.

Glad you got it resolved. They are a good piece of kit. Just a shame you had a duff one.

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I have a bunch of them, and the previous V1 models and never had a faulty one, you must have just been a bit unlucky. Hopefully a warranty return solves your issue.