Fibaro 2 dimmer - Not pairing


(Oron Shvartz) #1

Hi, I’m new to the community so please be patient with me.

I’m trying to pair Fibaro 2 dimmer (212) to my ST Hub V2 with no luck,
what am I doing wrong?
I connected the dimmer to the wall and on/off switch as shown in the manual.

after the calibration ends I click the B button 3 times quickly but nothing happens and I can’t see the device in the ST app.

any suggestions what is wrong?

(Robin) #2

When you triple click the b button, I assume you are first putting the ST app into ‘+ Add a Thing’ mode?

(Oron Shvartz) #3

Yes I do.
Should the Fibaro led needs to blink or something?

(codersaur) #4

When pairing, devices need to be in direct communication with the hub. Could be a range issue?

(Oron Shvartz) #5

Nope. The hub is 2 feet away.

(Simon) #6

The only time I have had this was with a faulty module. The Fibaro modules have always been easy to pair on my system.

Does the light go through a calibration sequence when you power the module?

Does the module operate the light when you use the wall switch?

(Bob) #7

Just grasping at straws here but I had a dimmer that pressing the button didn’t acually do anything.
The plastic tab wasn’t striking the button on the circuit board.
I had to take the cover off.
You can hold the button down and go through the led colours to prove it’s working OK.
Perhaps reset the dimmer using the B button and start again.

(Oron Shvartz) #8

Yes the switch works just fine and the calibration is turning the lights up and down.
When I press the B button the led switches colors.

Maybe it’s faulty module.
Thanks for your help, I’ll try to return the module.

(Simon) #9

Try a reset of the module with the B button and have another go. Lastly you could try a range test.