Fibaro dimmer 2 not pairing

Hi all,

Really struggling to pair my fibaro dimmers. Any help appreciated.

So been renovating my house and complete re-wire associated. Prior I had a couple of summers attached no problem running a custom handler.
Now in a position to wire up the new kit.
Problem is that the summers won’t pair. Had a couple of double switches pair no problems.
So I have removed everything and tried to pair a dimmer within a few feet of the hub still no joy. Reset the hub and the dimmer still no joy.
Notifications state fibaro dimmer 2 rejoined.

Searched online and tried all the suggestions.
I am using the classic app on IOS.

Suggestions and thought please.

As an addition I have it connected with a neutral and a 3 position retractive. 1 way circuit.

So I have now managed to pair some of my dimmer 2s (did a full hub reset) but they are not playing very nice.
I am using the codesaur DH. If I try and change the parameters I get an error indicating that I need to check some inputs! Any ideas as to the cause of this? Happens even if I change nothing. In the DH is isalso not syncing.

What specific error are you getting, and when? What device are you using? Are you sure you’ve entered all the mandatory settings?

What is working (if anything)? Are you 100% sure it is wired correctly (post picture?)

100% sure it’s wired correctly.

Hub v2
DH is the codesaur
Device is a fibaro dimmer 2

Have just done a reset of the hub and dimmer.

On the front page of the DH is shows sync pending
When I go into the settings and change param 20 to be a roller blind click to save I get the error message stating I need to double check inputs.
I would have assumed (perhaps wrongly) that all other setting can just remain unchanged.


So the latest. Up and running and operating as a roller blind switch (3 position retractive). For some reason the app still has the error message and won’t let me change any parameters but can do it from the IDE.

What is not working however is that the DH is not showing any state changes. I can however operate the switch from the app.

Thoughts please.

Try removing the device handler and pairing with the default handler.

Check you’ve entered something into all the mandatory fields the settings tab. The ST app is sometimes not very good at highlighting the field that is in error.

Went through and entered all the parameters as default other than switch type and no errors so win there :grin:.
Didn’t have to do this when I tiraled some dimmers a year or so back but all good now.

Have just had to keep resetting and removing and adding until I got a working system.

System isn’t running particularly smoothly as yet but the power is on and off a lot with the renovations.

As mentioned in other threads the automations are really slow and flakey for an all Off so will have to look into piston control.
Also have flakey issues with the app reporting status in a timely fashion.

Thanks for all the comment and help to date.

What’s considered the best handler for the double switch?