Fibaro devices not adding correctly

I’ve just got a couple of new Fibaro devices but when I add them, they install themselves as the wrong type of device.
The flood sensor installs itself as a CO sensor
The motion sensor installs itself as a flood sensor.

Has anyone had experience of this or any suggestions as how to resolve it? The devices are all the latest spec. Thanks

I’ve never had that problem, but if you feel comfortable with the IDE, you can go to and manually change the device handler it is supposed to use. Once logged in, go to the “my devices” page, then select your device, then “edit”, and change the device type to the correct one.

Many thanks for the hints. I’m not that familiar with the IDE but with your help it was easy to tweak the install to the right Device Handler once I had selected them from the repo. All working well now.

If you haven’t, email support and let them know. I saw this same issue last week in the Facebook group.