Pre-release of Fibaro Flood Sensor

Please assume that there will be changes to this device as it goes through ST release cycle. Read the comments in the code and the Fibaro instruction manual before installing.

Hope you enjoy!



Thank you! I was able to connect the sensor (took a few tries) and everything seems to be working except that the temperature displays dark blue with --. Not sure if excluding and re-including might fix it.

I have found the Fibaro battery devices finicky on pairing. Try the following:

  1. Unpair from ST
  2. Remove and replace battery
  3. Reset the device using the instructions in the Fibaro manual
  4. Remove and replace battery
  5. Pair to ST making sure that you are close to the ST Hub

The water sensors are much more finicky than the motion sensor. I was able to re-pair them and also have the temps show. One thing I noticed with the fibaro sensors is after pairing it seems best to not set them up right away, pull the battery then set up the actions.

I did notice that the ST reports the sensor as wet after testing despite it no longer being so. I didn’t look through the code in too much detail so I’m not sure if anything is being reported.

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I was about to order this… So, how is it working for you guys? Amazon has 3 reviews and one of them is extremely horrible.

So far so good as long as they pair, one of mine seems to be DOA. None of the batteries showed 100%.

Dropped the idea of getting one. Needed more motion sensors instead.