Problem with Fibaro motion sensor device handler

Hi all, apologies in advance for what may be a basic question but I recently bought a Fibaro motion sensor, added it using the standard device handler. I then saw the enhanced handler by Cyril Peponnet and added the handler as per the instruction in the FAQ. In IDE it shows that the device is using that handler and despite restarting the app, motion detector and hub I still only get the generic configuration screen in the app. Hopefully someone can give me some advice on what I may have missed?



no one else had this issue?

I use the device handler by Cyril Peponnet but this is listed in the device type as ‘Fibaro Motion Sensor’ which is the same as the one provided by Smartthings. Are you sure you have selected the right device type? Anything you have added yourself will appear at the bottom of the list when editing the device type:


many thanks for the response, I was as you pointed out using the default one but when I select the one at the bottom i get an error 500

sorry to be a pain but any thoughts on why this is?



This is not an error I have encountered before, there have been some networking issues with Smartthings over the past couple of days, it may be related to that.

All I can suggest is that you start from the beginning, I have had to do this many times when trying different device handlers, as every time you switch to a new one, it retains all the preferences from the previous handler and then adds the new ones to the bottom of the list…

Try the following:

Delete the Device handler.
Delete the device using the IDE.
Recreate the device handler by copying the code again from Github and publishing.
Re-scan for the device in the Smartthings app (you will need to press the button on the back of the device three times to initiate pairing).
Once added again, edit the device type in the IDE and select motion sensor from the bottom of the list.

Hopefully when you click save it will update successfully…

Kevin, many thanks for the comprehensive response. I’ll give it a try and hopefully all will be well!

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quick update, followed your instructions and now working fine. Many thanks for your help.

Best Regards


No worries, glad I could help.