Fibaro binary input (Dual contact and temperature sensor)

Hi @cjcharles,

Ive moved all my contact ones over to this one and given it a test so far so good :smile:. Thanks for keeping in my enum attributes as well :blush:

I tryed to add you on the github repo but couldn’t get it to work what is your details for it?

Looks like you decided not to change the child device handlers to not allow manual changes any reason why?

I did try to change your original one to make a contact and motion one but you code was to complicated for me and i got a bit lost :frowning: . In theory is it possible to have in the DH settings tab an option that you could chose input 1 to be motion or contact, then the same for input 2?

tried the add child and remove and add works fine but remove will remove the contacts but only one of the temps but if you click it again it removes the other one, don’t know if this is correct or not?

and last thing in the settings menu the last two parameters say false and false but don’t say what they do?