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Fibaro binary input (Dual contact and temperature sensor)

(Martin Leonard) #41


The 'live logging ’ tag was obscured by a logon message…
Now that I can see what’s happening, I will explore my problem some more…


(Martin Leonard) #42

It has started to work!
I connected 4 sensors, did an exclude/include, configured with default settings and am now getting a reading for temperature1.

Looking at the code, it just sets temperature1

Is there a more recent version that does all 4?

(Borristhecat) #43

I think @cjcharles knows about this bug and is working on a fix.

(Martin Leonard) #44

Got all four temperature probes working.

I made some mods to the code, but I dont know how to post it here without making an enormous post.

(cjcharles) #45

I’ve got a few improvements and I’ll post it in the next day or so as in nearly home now so can do a quick test. Will also create a separate post for it as then it is the official device handler page (currently there are a few).

(cjcharles) #46

Hi @borristhecat and @GroundAttack

I have added an updated device handler and fixed a load of things so happy to release it on the link below. Would be great if you could give it the first test (after I have already done quite a bit of testing!)

(Borristhecat) #47

Hi @cjcharles,

Ive moved all my contact ones over to this one and given it a test so far so good :smile:. Thanks for keeping in my enum attributes as well :blush:

I tryed to add you on the github repo but couldn’t get it to work what is your details for it?

Looks like you decided not to change the child device handlers to not allow manual changes any reason why?

I did try to change your original one to make a contact and motion one but you code was to complicated for me and i got a bit lost :frowning: . In theory is it possible to have in the DH settings tab an option that you could chose input 1 to be motion or contact, then the same for input 2?

tried the add child and remove and add works fine but remove will remove the contacts but only one of the temps but if you click it again it removes the other one, don’t know if this is correct or not?

and last thing in the settings menu the last two parameters say false and false but don’t say what they do?

[RELEASE] Fibaro FGBS-001 Universal Binary Sensor (UBS)
(cjcharles) #48

Thanks for the feedback! I will respond on my new thread for the benefit of others

(Sergio Ferreira) #49

Any step tutorial I can follow and what DH should I use?
I want to use the universal binary sensor and a DS18b20 to check the water temperature. Is just the case to connect it to one of the inputs?

(Borristhecat) #50

The device should come with some instructions on how to connect the temperature probe, but no it doesnt connect to one of the inputs. It connects to the GRD, TD and TP connections ( blue, white and brown respectively)

once connected and included to your ST network you can find the latest DH on this page, then change the stock DH too that one.

(Daz) #51

Hi. Just wondering if anyone is successfully currently using this product to monitor temperature using an external probe for the purposes of fish tank temp measurement ?

Looks interesting. TIA for any replies = )

(Simon) #52

Yes for a fish pond and also for a swimming pool. Both with 3 external sensors. The key is to have the temp sensors correctly connected prior to Z-wave inclusion.

(Daz) #53

Thanks for that. Don’t suppose you have some pictures of this in action?

(Simon) #54

Sorry no. It really is quite straightforward though.

(Daz) #55

So it looks like I just need to buy this:

and this:


Could I ask how you power yours please? I’d obviously prefer to power it from the mains as I’d read that this also works as a z-wave repeater, and thus gobbles the batteries ?

(Simon) #56

Yes that would be OK.

For testing I used the 12v power supply from and old internet router. Now the setup is outside I use one of these mounted with the module in a Wiska junction box.

(Daz) #57

That looks fantastic, thanks.

Do each of the attached probes show as different devices within smartthings? Also, does it react quite quickly to temperature changes ? Ideally it would sense any changes in temp almost immediately (as opposed to say, the smartthings multi sensors which can take half an hour to react to changes in their surroundings).

Thanks again for the replies so far.

(Simon) #58

Yes and no. You can see all the temperature probes on the main device and if you want you can create separate child devices for each probe. Temperature change interval and amount can be configured in the DTH. I have mine set for a change of 0.5 degree or 200 seconds before a new reading is sent. You can set it to smaller changes or more often if you wish. I find the default adequate though.

(Daz) #59

That’s filled a few gaps. Thanks for that, think the best thing to do will be to purchase the bits, have a play, and then ask in here if there’s anything else.

Much appreciated, been looking for a solution to this for a long time. =)

(Daz) #60

Sorted :slight_smile: