Fibaro Universal Sensor VALUES and CoRE

Hi - I hope I’m posting in the correct place!

Could anyone please offer any help/advice on the following?

I have just installed a Fibaro Universal Sensor - which is working - according to the SmartThings Logs.

When the sensor is activated, the logs show:
debug 'zw device: 04, command: 2001, payload: FF ’ parsed to [descriptionText:Alarm out: BasicSet(value: 255), isStateChange:true, displayed:true, linkText:Alarm out]

So the “Value” is confirmed as changing from “0” to “255” when activated - great so far…

BUT - I’m trying to setup CoRE to respond to this change but I can’t get it to recognise the values coming out of the sensor. I’ve tried various types of device options - boolean, numbers, strings, switch, sensor and basically everything else I can think off. CoRE does not seem to want to recognise the values that are being shown in the logs.

Does anyone please have any experience of this? I’ve spent ages searching and most information that I find on the sensor seems to be about actually getting it working - not reading the output values. Any help would be much appreciated, thank you.

Make sure the event being sent by the DTH has the parameter isStateChange set to true. Nevermind, it seems to be… are you using that attribute in CoRE?

Thanks so much for the reply - shortly after posting the above I found a custom handler that changes the TYPE to SWITCH (link below). CoRE now recognises it as either Open or Closed - which works perfectly. I would prefer to use the default handler for a number of reasons but sadly that just wasn’t happening!