Feature Suggestions

Got a couple of suggestions I wouldn’t mind discussing, I did a quick search but couldn’t find anything relating to them.

Notification Actions

I think it would be great if you could have the option to perform an action to from a notification. For instance, I set up a SmartApp to unlock the front door when it detects that my presence sensor has arrived. However, I may not want it to unlock the door all the time so I think it might be good to be able to have actions that can be confirmed/cancelled within a certain amount of time. I’m kind of basing the idea for this on Android notifications that have an action attached to them like “reply” but in this case it might be Yes, No or whatever makes sense.

Or, I get a notification that there is an intrusion, and the action of sounding the alarm is delayed for 30 seconds giving me a chance to tap the “Cancel” action on the notification because it was me and I’d forgotten to disable the alarm or something. These are a bit woolly descriptions of what I have in mind but hopefully gives you some idea.

Disclaimer: I haven’t done much mobile development so I can’t be sure how feasible this is, but I know at least some of it is possible.

Fingerprint/Passcode/Prompt Action Confirmation

This idea came about as I just got a new phone (Samung Galaxy S6 edge+) and it has a fingerprint scanner and have found it great to use. I also use it for LastPass on my phone when it wants to fill in login details for me.

It would be for security sensitive things (like door locks etc). So we’re basically saying, this thing is not trivial, let’s be sure we want to do this.

My own scenario would be for my front door (if in the future I were to get a smart lock). I don’t want to be able to accidentally unlock the front door by a miss-aimed screen tap. So if possible it’d be great to tag up an action in a SmartApp (or even device type?) that suggests that this action is sensitive and needs confirmation.

I could need to open the door for whatever reason, I bring the SmartThings app up and tap the “Lock” tile to unlock it, I’m then prompted to put my finger over the scanner (or enter a keycode if finger print scanning not enabled/available or even just a simple confirmation prompt) to confirm I want to do this. It adds another step to the process but not much in the way of effort and could be disabled in the settings.

How this will translate to a future website implementation I’m not entirely sure, I guess the confirmation of the action would be down to the client, rather than the server. That way a web application could have its own mechanism for confirmation the action (re-enter password or something).

I understand that there are complexities and that this doesn’t necessarily pertain to just the mobile app as it would be a platform change too but the main benefit seems to be for mobile use in my opinion.

Please dismiss these ideas if they seem completely stupid :smiley:


No idea is stupid.

P.S. yours are specifically good :slight_smile:


Agreed. Not stupid at all. Both of these are also in my “obycode Ideas” Evernote notebook! So if SmartThings doesn’t do it soon, we will!


While it’s not a native feature to SmartThings, you can setup custom notifications with custom actions using SharpTools and Tasker on Android.

I use the ‘Thing State’ plugin to react to state changes in Tasker, then use the Alert > Notify feature to create a notification with actions for quick controls of other devices.

The picture above is a simple example from another thread showing a notification that pops up if the door remains unlocked for more than 5 minutes - at the bottom is a button to lock the door directly from the notification. You could adapt this to your concept where your presence sensor being ‘arrived’ might show a notification allowing you to unlock the front door or open the garage.

The sky is the limit when it comes to customization, but this is definitely more for tinkerers than your average user.

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