Alert Confirmation?

Does anyone know if a way to setup SmartThings so you can essentially mark off or click on your device that you received the push notification from ST? So for example you get an alert that the window is open, and on your device it pops up and says window open, Okay, and you click okay.


What type of phone are you using. On IOS, you slide the lock screen notification to the left and press “clear”

Android, but we are more looking for the ability to track when the person using the phone acknowledged the alert.

Possibly send an email with read receipts? Pushover notify can dismiss notifications on all devices when dismissed on just one as an option.

This is a feature of Smart Home Monitor (SHM).

Unfortunately, SmartThings has not shared the source code, nor the special APIs used by it. It’s 100% proprietary secret.

If you can turn the receiving phone into a device (or virtual button / switch), then you can send an Event from it back to SmartThings and have your SmartApp react accordingly. One possible way to do this would be to try @joshua_lyon’s Sharp Tools.


That sounds like a great idea! i will give it try. Thanks for the idea!

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