Feature Request: Routines - need confirmation that actions successfully occurred

Sometimes when i come home the garage door didn’t open after “i’m back” was triggered or perhaps a thermostat didn’t set to the right temperature, etc.

It would make sense that smartthings would check these triggers did successfully occur.

Probably will never happen since Routines are being retired with the Classic app

You could build a function to do that within WebCore. In fact, many have. You can also build actions that continue to issue the command until the device(s) reach a certain state. Like shut off a bunch of lights until they are all shut off.

retired and replaced with what?

seems like the basic z-wave protocol is missing confirmation that the transmissions have been received by the hub/device. sometimes the status of z-wave door contact switches are wrong… cycle the door and then it will be correct…

Scenes + custom automation creator

It would but the way ST is currently setup it doesn’t verify, it just executes and assumed that things happened. Some times things timeout or don’t happen for a variety of reasons (mesh issues, timing, platform, connectivity etc).

If you have access to RBoy Apps, check out this Routine Backup and Verification SmartApp which does just that, verifies that things ran as expected, notifies you if it didn’t and even completes the missing actions for you:

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