Feature Request: Native NFC Tag Write/Read (Android)

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As far as I can tell, the only way to write/read NFC tags that work with SmartThings for Android is by using the Tasker app with the SharpTools plugin. I believe it would be appreciated by a majority of the Android ST users if the SmartThings app had the native ability to format/write/read NFC tags specifically for ST automations, scenes, etc. As you can see from the linked thread, I’m not the first person to make an NFC-related request but enough time has passed that thought another one might remind the developers that implementing this capability within the ST app might shift some consumers from Apple to Android coughSamsungcough mobile devices.

If you are reading this and are interested in having this kind of NFC support within the ST app, maybe you can add a comment so that the developers will notice.

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FYI - SharpTools plugin either have already stopped working or will stop working in the near future. The app that let you set up the plugins has been removed from the Play Store. You currently have to use a Http Post request to the API with an Authorization token.

So there is no misunderstanding the regular SharpTools integration has been updated and continues to work with the new SmartThings architecture.


This forum was set up several years ago so that smartthings customers could help other customers with the home automation platform. It’s not officially read by Samsung employees except to moderate for spam and harassment. (The exception is a specific area of the forum used for developer support, but they don’t do anything with the app or the UI.)

The official way to make a feature suggestion is to send it in through the official support channel.

Another alternative is to post it on one of the public -facing official channels like Facebook or Twitter. At least that way somebody from marketing will read it. :thinking:

but posts here, however popular, are only guaranteed to be read by other customers.

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Good to know, thanks. You just saved me some time and money as I was about ready to buy Tasker and the plug-in to setup some tags.

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You can do this with Tasker and the ST API

SmartThings Rest API using Tasker


The overall approach with Tasker and scanning NFC tags still works.

It’s just that the SharpTools Tasker Plugins, which made it easy to control devices in SmartThings in the Groovy era, were sunset alongside Groovy. During the Groovy era, SmartThings didn’t provide a native REST API so the Tasker Plugins along with a custom SmartApp took care of that.

With the new platform changes, SmartThings introduced a REST API. So you can either use the SmartThings REST API directly as Jake noted or if you have SharpTools Premium you can use a rule with an HTTP Trigger.


Thanks Jake and Josh, I appreciate those suggestions. Seeing how I don’t have a Premium SharpTools subscription, I’ll look into the Tasker and Rest API option and hopefully I can figure it out. I’m new to making NFC tags and the Tasker setup process seemed a bit challenging so I thought another request for native NFC support within the ST app would be appreciated by others with similar inexperience.

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Here is the task for Tasker. 1st long number is the device ID, and the blacked out number is your token.


Thanks again, Paul. Now I’m undecided about including NFC tags in my smart home network but I will refer to your comment if I stay with ST. Originally I chose SmartThings for the simplicity and polished UI but to get the most features and functions, it requires having to constantly tinker with coding. I’m not the only one who thinks that the NFC feature should be done and already in the ST app. Right now I’m trying to decide if it’s worth the effort to continue using SmartThings or switch to Home Assistant - since getting the most of ST requires hunting for code and plugging it in anyway. I would like to stay with SmartThings but it’s missing too many advanced features that should have been added to the app by now.

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I use NFC tags in my home, yes native support would be nice but with Tasker you can do so much more. Yes Tasker has a learning curve but once you get past that hurdle it has endless possibilities. ST does have a nice UI, I am also wanting to look into HA but from my own research it to has a learning curve. If you need help with tasker please feel free to DM me and I will be happy to help.


@Dennis If you have a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, the Modes and Routines app (formerly Bixby Routines) has NFC and is super easy to use with SmartThings routines.


You’re right about Tasker’s versatility, I guess it’s time to dive in and start learning how to use it. If I get stuck along the line, I’ll send you a message - thanks for offering to help. Learning curves seem to be unavoidable when dealing with the current state of fragmented smart home ecosystems.

That was a good idea, thanks, but unfortunately my Galaxy phone is too old and the app isn’t compatible. When I get a new phone, I’ll check it out.

The new version of the Modes And Routines app is now available through the Galaxy Store on phones and tablets running Android 13-based One UI 5.0.
Source: https://www.sammobile.com/news/modes-routines-app-updated-better-sleep-mode-features/