RFID and NFC readers? (UK)

(Tony) #1

I am looking for a reader which is compatible with ST in the UK that can be used as a presence detector, does anyone know of such a device or investigated any solutions?
I would ideally like it to be able to open our Yale lock when a RFID tag is tapped on it

(Meep Meep.....) #2

i use NFC tags with tasker/sharptools on android. works great.


I’m not sure exactly what’s possible with the U.K. Yale lock, but I would agree that in general the easiest way to get SmartThings/NFC integration is with an Android phone running Tasker and SharpTools.

@joshua_lyon , the author of SharpTools, could probably say more.

(Joshua Lyon (SharpTools.io Dashboard)) #4

Here’s a post with some thoughts on how to use NFC tags with SmartThings on Android (using SharpTools):

In your case, you would use Trigger to recognize the NFC tag which would trigger your SharpTools “A Thing” profile in Tasker. For presence purposes, you can use a Simulated Presence Device and call the arrived and departed commands as desired.