Nfc implants and smartthings

So I have read what I can find about nfc tags , sharp tool and tasker they are great and use them for a number of things but I have a chip implant in my hand the

chips capability is ISO 4443A / NFC TYPE 2
and my other one is 125khz ATA5577 /EM/HID /INDALA

SoI’m wondering how I could use this method with my implant I don’t want to just scan my hand with my phone to unlock the door then I might as well use a key I’m looking for a way to have a reader on our near the door so I can just wave my hand over it and unlock and android phone could work but it would always have to be unlocked and on for nfc reader to be on I know I can have the phone plugged in and keep it on always and that way and just wave my hand over the phone to trigger but I’m looking for something a little more discreet. Mounting a phone next to the door is not so esthetically pleasing. Or practical now I could also just get a compatible lock but they get rather expensive a the DIY approach is way more satisfying.

Any suggestions would be helpful

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