Feature Has Been Removed

A feature has been removed from the Smartthings Connect app. in the release dated 25 Oct 2018. It looks like this release has been targeted specifically at phones rather than tablets

The feature, under Notifications -> Activity - was the ability to “Filter By” a device or devices.

I used this feature daily to quickly keep track of my pet remotely via a motion sensor. The feature was also useful in debugging But now I have to wade through all the reported activity to try and find the items that I want

So I want this feature restored. I cannot see how removing a feature can be art of a continuous improvement plan

Do you mean on the new SmartThings (Samsung Connect) under Notification History then Activity? I’m a little confused how you would use that to keep track of your dog with a motion sensor.

But also, this is a user forum. The odds of ST staff even seeing this request are slim to none. But I have reclassified your post for the Samsung Connect app and tagged as FeatureRequest. Much more likely to see it then. They’re not really doing development on the old app anymore.

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Thanks Ryan780. I actually use the filtered history to quickly check how long ago my cat has put in an appearance if I am out or haven’t seen him for awhile. Perhaps that makes me seem a bit sad! But I have also found the filtered activity history useful in being able to quickly check whether new automations have been running as expected.

Yeah, quite annoying. Two releases ago they got rid of the select/deselect all and know the filter by device is totally gone. App reviews and emailing support are two ways to provide feedback to ST staff. Not sure how much it will matter since Samsung seems to be the one making the app design choices.

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Under Notification History, go to ‘Settings’ and ‘Device activity’. You can select individual devices from there.

Ah! interesting, didn’t know you could tap into that menu. Would still be nice to have a select/deselect all. Sometimes i’m looking for 2-3 devices history, so un-selecting my other 115 devices is a PITA.

You can always turn off Device activity and then go into the menu and turn on the ones you want. Then turning on Device activity enables all again.

Thanks Paul_DeFeo for that. But it does seem to me that this feature becomes almost hidden. I had previously selected settings and seen the ‘Device Activity’ on/off button but didn’t realise that the on/off concealed more options once selected. In my view these apps should be designed to be as obvious to the user as possible.

On iOS it doesn’t let you turn on individual devices with device activity turned off :frowning_face: