Faulty ADT hub?

First post here.
So when I initially powered up my ADT sec hub, I got a black screen and unresponsive hub so I had to disconnect the BU battery for it to boot up properly. When I was pairing the devices that came with the starter kit (win.door sensors and motion det) the new ST app would stay in the “registering” mode until i close the app and when i started it again the device would be registered. However I could not arm the system thru the new ST app (also tried the Classic app), it said that I do not have any monitorable devices. I found a post here on how to fix the time through the Classic app and I deleted everything and started from scratch and also rebooted the hub through the hub utilities.

Now it looks like things are set-up properly except for the carbon mono device when I cannot get it into the paring mode by the 2 press and hold. First of all there is no LED that lights up red. Power blinks green and beeps at me but no red LED. I’ve tried reseting the device by removing the batteries and waited for about an hour aside from pressing the reset button. It seems to go through the power up sequence the 3 LEDs light up one at at time. One more thing, the power LED does not remain lit, is that normal? I’m used to my dumb wired smoke detectors that have a green power indicator.

Also when I was testing the water leak sensor, I had to reboot the hub because it said I had to clear the alarm before I could arm the system but the panel says its ready to arm. This was both in the new and classic apps. I also made sure the the classic app was closed and only opened and closed it to compare apps. I tried this twice and got the same results. The wet alarm (then back to dry) would register on the both the apps but not under the walk thru screen.

Are these issues “normal” or could I have a faulty hub? BTW as far as I recall it did download/install an update.

the green home light on the sec hub would turn off and turn back on when I try to pair a device.

So it it time to exchange the hub?


So I opened a door/win sensor and set off a tamper alert. I replaced the cover and the sec hub says it’s ready to arm. I got the notifications on the app tampered then cleared. However the app says it’s not ready to arm. When I click on the sheild to check what is preventing to arm, the devices that needs attention shows the door/win sensor but status of closed.

So it’s not just the water leak sensor that has this issue.

Help! Anyone?

Have you contacted ADT or Samsung support yet?

I tried but I was on hold for an hour and just gave up.

You can ask Smartthings to call you back so you don’t have to sit on hold.

Ok I will try again. Or just get the unit exchanged since I’m just having too many issues and I know I’m competent enough to set up something like this.:frowning:

Update: The ADT Carbon Monoxide Alarm Setup Guide that came with the device says press and release the TEST button twice then press and hold the button until the red LED starts blinking quickly. It says the same thing on ADT’s site since its just an e-copy of the guide. Note that the TEST button is in front of the device. However per smartthings, it actually tells you to open the back cover and push the button on the circuit board! Well I finally got it paired. What a typo!