Aubess Ceiling Fan Switch Edge Driver?

Iโ€™m looking for an edge driver for this device. Does anyone know?

Thatโ€™s a Tuya-made WiFi device. It probably wonโ€™t use an edge driver. Instead, connect it to the tuya or Smart Life app and then see if you can integrate it to SmartThings that way.

If that specific device doesnโ€™t have a SmartThings option in the Tuya app, you can still get partial integration by using โ€œtap to runโ€œ scenes. You create the scene in the Tuya app and then that scene looks like a switch in SmartThings. So you need one scene for each setting that you want on the fan controller.

Edge Drivers are used for protocols where a device connects directly to a SmartThings hub. Usually zwave or Zigbee. Wi-Fi devices which are individually certified for matter and have the matter logo also use edge drivers.

But most WiFi devices do not.

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