No Edge Driver for my AVATTO Tuya WiFi/Zigbee Smart Light Switch

Hello, I bought Avatto Smart Switch in Aliexpress on this link.
I bought right thing that is zigbee 220V US.
And I have tried to use Mariano’s Edge Drivers, etc.
But I cannot find edge driver for my switch.
For Mariano’s Edge Drivers, I tried to use Thing Mc.
But Smartthings app cannot load my switch’s information.
So, can anybody help for my device of which manufacturer code is _TZ3000_sgeijniq?
The device id is 836bd5df-f5e0-4ff6-9ca7-a52c9c8db10b, and Model is TS0013.

Sometimes for ZigBee Thing Mc to work you need the clear the cache (Android only), force stop the app and reopen the app.

You may also want to try the following driver if you haven’t.

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