FAQ: IFTTT not recognizing devices from second hub

(Bryan) #1

I have an issue where IFTTT does not recognize switches on one of my hubs.

I have two hubs, O and H. IFTTT is connected to Smartthings.

Each of the hubs have an identical (except for the name) virtual switch. When I try to create a new applet in IFTTT and I go to select a switch for the “Then” portion, I am only presented the virtual switch from the O hub to select. The switch from the H hub is not visible.

All of the switches I expect to see have been authorized. I did this by going to https://ifttt.com/services/smartthings/settings and selecting “Edit Connection” which takes me to https://graph.api.smartthings.com/oauth/confirm_access … . I select the dropdown for each of the hubs and check mark the switches I want to authorize.

I have tried checking and unchecking the switch authorizations for both hubs with no success. When I check multiple switches for the O hub, they all show up in IFTTT. Despite how many switches I check for the H hub, none show up in IFTTT.

I have also disconnected Smartthings from IFTTT and then reconnected with no luck. Interestingly, I was not prompted to log in again when reconnecting and the prior device authorizations are still check marked.

It’s as if there is some disconnect between IFTTT and the H hub.

Any suggestions are welcome.


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but SmartThings will only expose one location per account to IFTTT. (Same with A number of other third-party services, like Amazon echo)

People have been asking for the ability to connect multiple locations per account for over three years, support always says they’re working on it, but as of yet it’s not doable.

The only workaround is to set each hub with its own SmartThings account and its own IFTTT account.

Hopefully someday we will have this feature.

Meanwhile, do contact support and ask them – they may have newer information, or at least you’ll let them know that people do still want this.

(Bryan) #3

Thanks, JD. I do have a ticket in with support, so we’ll see what they say.

I was able to break the IFTTT authorizations buy disconnecting from IFTTT and deleting the IFTTT references in the IDE. The only thing I did differently was after disconnecting in IFTTT and deleting in ST, I closed the web browser and then whent back to IFTTT. This time, I was prompted to enter ST login credentials, which had not happened in the past.

I was then able to authorize the H switch and see it in IFTTT. I then went back authorized an additional switch from the O hub and could no longer see the H switch in IFTTT, which proves exactly what you said.

(Bryan) #4

Here is support’s response, which details the issue:

Currently, IFTTT and other integrations like Google Home and Alexa can only be installed on one account. This is a limitation of both SmartThings and also IFTTT/Google Home/Alexa. At the moment, the only way to authorize IFTTT is to set up each Hub on a separate email account for both SmartThings and also IFTTT. While IFTTT may be able to see each location since they are tied into the same email IFFF lacks the logic necessary to differentiate between locations. So if you triggered the applet in IFTTT it would randomly select one of those locations as it is not capable of being able to select a specific location, even though you selected a specific location. This is why you would need to have the separate accounts.

If you wanted to do this you would need to Factory Reset one of your Hubs and set it up in a separate SmartThings account as well as a separate IFTTT account. I apologize for this inconvinence. We would love to be able to offer multiple location access to these services and I have added this as a feature request on out internal page on your behalf.