Can't see second hub in IFTTT

I have to have two hubs because I couldn’t get anything to connect reliably in my detached garage. I decided to try to connect them using IFTTT so I could turn on outside security lights by flipping a smartswitch in the house. However when I try to select a switch from my garage hub it isn’t listed in IFTTT (under This or That). Nothing from the garage is listed. Everything from the home hub is listed.

I’ve disconnected/reconnected/reauthorized more than once already. I’ve tried clearing out everything from my home hub, leaving only the garage hub and still nothing.
I’ve logged out, cleared cache/cookies.
Tried all the above from IFTTT mobile app.


I assume you have the two have set up as two different locations on the same smartthings account?

If that’s so, this won’t work for you. Because of the way SmartThings allows third-party authorizations, IFTTT will be able to see one and only one of your locations.

What you can do is instead of setting up two hubs as two locations on the same account, set them up as two completely separate SmartThings accounts each with their own IFTTT account.

You still won’t be able to see the devices from one hub on the other one’s IFTTT channel, but now you can use IFTTT as a “man in the middle” by sending an email or a text to the other IFTTT account.

So House ST switch --> House IFTTT --> (via text or email) Garage IFTTT --> Garage ST light

See the wiki article on automating an outbuilding: