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FAQ: CONFIRMED: Local Processing - Working Device Handlers


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(Mike) #143

I think this is list of all device handlers ( not just what you use) and if they are local or not

(Mike) #144
Device Type Run Locally Execute Commands Locally Minimum HubCore Version
LAN Hue Color Temperature TRUE TRUE 000.019.00012
ZigBee RGB Bulb TRUE TRUE 000.019.00012
ZigBee RGBW Bulb TRUE TRUE 000.019.00012
ZigBee Switch Power TRUE TRUE 000.019.00012
Z-Wave Switch Generic TRUE TRUE 000.019.00012
Nortek Panel Device TRUE TRUE n/a
Z-Wave Dimmer Switch Generic TRUE TRUE 000.019.00012
ZigBee Dimmer Power TRUE TRUE 000.019.00012
Simulated Switch TRUE TRUE 000.020.00008
LAN Hue Extended Color TRUE TRUE 000.019.00012
ZigBee Switch TRUE TRUE 000.019.00012
Simulated Dimmer Switch TRUE TRUE 000.020.00008
Aeon Multisensor 6 TRUE TRUE 000.020.00008
LAN Hue Bridge TRUE TRUE 000.019.00012
Z-Wave Plus Door/Window Sensor TRUE TRUE 000.020.00008
ZigBee Dimmer TRUE TRUE 000.019.00012
LAN Hue Dimmable TRUE TRUE 000.019.00012
LAN Hue Color TRUE TRUE 000.019.00012
ZigBee White Color Temperature Bulb TRUE TRUE 000.019.00012

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(Duncan) #145

“Execute Commands Locally” means when a command comes from the mobile client or other cloud source, it’s converted to a Z-Wave/Zigbee command on the hub (like it would be if it came from a hub-local automation) vs. in the cloud handler.

There’s not really an advantage, other than maybe latency. The idea is when we can guarantee that the set of commands a device can get are all implemented locally, we can set that flag and reduce our cloud load from running sandboxed device handler code.

(Manie) #146

Do the monoprice 4 in 1 motion sensors work locally with any of these device handlers? Even if only motion works that would be fine.


Wow! I hope they release version 000.020.00008 soon since I really want the ‘Simulated Switch’ and other simulated devices that run locally.

(Christopher Pisano) #148

I have Osram RGBW and Tunable White bulbs that are all “ZigBee RGBW Bulb” or “ZigBee White Color Temperature Bulb” device types. The execution location for all of them says “Cloud”. From what I read here it seems like these should all read “Local”. I am on firmware 19.19, maybe something changed from 19.17?

(Eddie ) #150

So guys I’m really new to ST (and in no way a coder). If I can’t copy and paste the commmand… I’M OUT!!!.. So I’m beginning to understand that these smart hubs (wink/Iris/ST etc…) process the commands via the cloud and so the hub is just a go between (am I on the right track)? … So the idea is the “local processing” writes a command to the hub (that resides on the hub), and then allows the hub to process “automated commands” locally, so if the connection to the cloud or internet goes out the automated commands will still process… So how does one write these commands (copy and paste), to the local hub…

Thanks in advance,

PS.Based on what I’ve seen thus far, you guys are amazing :wink:

(Mark) #151

Please consider starting new threads to ask questions like these. This thread is meant to be about device handlers that are confirmed to be running locally.


I have the new Sylvania (formally Orsam) A19 RGBW smart bulbs (see below). My IDE is showing them running locally using the ZigBee RGBW Bulb, and they do turn on and off locally via motion or the Aeon Minimote without the Hub (v19.19) having internet access. My only problem with these smart bulbs is that when using the native SmartThings Smart Lights smartapp to turn them on & set color with motion has major issues. Using motion to just turn them on or turning them on and set level works, it just doesn’t do any color settings automatically with motion efficiently.

ZigBee RGBW Bulb

model: A19 RGBW
application: 01
manufacturer: LEDVANCE
endpointId: 01

Current Version: 0x00102100

( #153

I got excited as these are in every room in my house but the code smartthings is going to use See Here compared to what @erocm1231 DH can do is going to be annoying

(Wes Hampton) #154

When I look at that list now it appears Simulated Switch is just “false”, no indications of changes in future versions. My hub version (now at 20.00017) is past v20.00008 and it looks like my Simulated Switches are still cloud. Did these plans change or was it just perhaps mistakenly listed?

(Zach Varberg) #155

The plans changed. We ran into a number of potential issues during the beta and decided to pull it from 0.20.X so we could properly investigate our options. We are still hoping to provide this functionality, just not certain when.

(Borristhecat) #156

removed as better answer above


So, is it safe to assume that if a device is listed as RUN LOCALLY and EXECUTE LOCALLY that there is no cloud interaction required ? For example, the Centralite Thermostat shows up as:

Device Type Run Locally Execute Commands Locally
CentraLite Thermostat TRUE FALSE

I assume that this means that the interface to the device runs locally and the drivers handles hello messages and periodic polls of whatever info is being sent to the controller but if I wanted to actually configure a parameter, ie… execute a command to do something such as raise the temperature on the thermostat, that request is passed up to the cloud and the cloud then responds with the proper message to send to the thermostat VIA the smarthub ?? Or do those commands to raise the temp bypass the smarthub all together and are sent via IP directly to the thermostat ??

(Duncan) #158

Some commands are still handled by the cloud DTH. There’s a list of commands that are never sent to the hub, currently that includes configure, refresh, and ping. Also, if an event from the device isn’t handled by the local handler, it is passed up to be processed by the DTH.


Are any of the multi-button keypads like the Leviton VRCS4 compatible with any of the local handlers?

(Billy Kidney) #160

Looking through the list it appears only alarms, sensors, and a few lights are supported.

Do you know if KwikSet locks can be unlocked using local only?

(DavidK) #161

It is probably not local, please double check, but the iPhone app is never local, therefore how did you want to signal the lock to unlock?

If by the SmartThings proximity keychain, that would work, but previously when I tried it to signal to open garage door did not work that great.

Others please respond

(Jimmy) #162

Z-was Iock runs local, but the arrival sensor does not