Local processing Enerwave Z-wave Plus ZWN-RSM2 & virtual switch

I’m having issues with my internet due to my service provider doing repairs and updates. I’ll wake up in the morning and my modem will need to be reset before I can turn on my bedroom lights or dining room lights. My setup in both rooms is as follows: GE smart fan control 12730 inside ceiling hugger fan (power comes into fixture first, not switch). I control fan soley with echo dot in my room and a regular echo in dining room, enerwave relay inside fan connected fan light. Linear Accessory Switch - WT00Z-1 in wall used to control fan light. All three are running off cloud, using custom device handlers, not concerned about fan control being local but would love to know if there are device handlers that will allow relay and switch to work without internet. I have the same fan, fan switch, relay and light switch in my dinning room as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated

There’s no official list, but the community keeps a list in the following thread:

Also, you probably already know this, but no custom code of any kind can run locally at the present time, and routines cannot run locally.

The only smartapps that can run locally are the official smart lighting feature and some bits of smart home monitor.

The Aeon minimote stock DTH can run locally with the smart lighting feature, so it’s often a good choice for turning things on and off that you would otherwise have turned on and off either with the mobile app or by voice. But you have to set up the minimote ahead of time, you can’t create new automations without the cloud. :disappointed_relieved: