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FAQ: CONFIRMED: Local Processing - Working Device Handlers

(DavidK) #163

Oh if the arrival sensor does not run local? that might explain some of the behavior I experienced.

So, the lock runs local, are there any sensors that run local that one would use with a lock?

What I mean is take the kitchen in which lights and motion sensors all run local. Motion works great, lights can be completely automated.

Logically, what sensor would one use with a lock? Motion would be bad, right, anyone can trigger motion?

(Jimmy) #164

Zigbee button

(Simon) #165

The ST arrival sensor does run local. I can see it in the IDE

(Jimmy) #166

The first gen does. The second gen does not.

(Simon) #167

I have a gen 2 and it shows as running local.

(Jimmy) #168

That’s the first gen. The newer one uses Type “arrival sensor HA”

(Simon) #169

Sorry no. First gen is the round one. Mine is the Gen 2

(Jimmy) #170

interesting. appears its using the wrong handler then


Aren’t there claimed to be three versions? The original Presence Sensor which was bigger and rounder, a 2015 Presence/Arrival Sensor which was the same thing recased, and supposedly a 2016 Arrival Sensor which I can’t find any specific documentation for as the links break or lead to the 2015 one. The 2016 supposedly uses the Arrival Sensor HA handler.

I’ve got three and they all use the Arrival Sensor handler. All three look like the photos of the Arrival Sensor currently on sale. Although they are all second hand, I’d be surprised if one wasn’t purchased new in the last eighteen months.

(Allan) #172

Super happy to report they did update the generic “Z-Wave Water Valve” device to run locally. Now all my leak sensors and my Dome water shutoff along with my Smart Home Monitor “Leaks” routine all run locally.

Really hope work is done to support other local devices, hopefully even some 3rd party ones like Konnected or ST_Anything if possible. Would put everything I own under local control (other then cloud integration of course).

EDIT: except for one KwikSet zigbee lock. The two I have using Z-Wave run local but for some reason the generic ZigBee Lock runs in the cloud. Really weird. I also have the “Arrival Sensor HA” whcih is cloud based. Again weird.

(Mike) #173

My KwikSet zigbee lock runs locally.
you just have to use standard handler

(Allan) #174

I am. There are two, “ZigBee Lock” and “ZigBee Lock Without Codes”. The former is cloud and allows user code entry within SmartThings, the latter is local but takes away that ability. Both Z-Wave locks are using the standard DTH also and those run local and I can change the codes.

If I switch to the “ZigBee Lock Without Codes” it does run locally but takes it out of the lock manager.

I just bought a Z-Wave module to replace the ZigBee one for $34 on eBay and I’ll put my ZigBee one in my dads “non-smart” KwikSet 911 to make it smart. So problem solved.


Thank you for your great and interesting work. By the way, what “Arrival Sensor” you confirmed to be able for local processing? I’m new to ST and I’m using Samsung SmartThings Arrival Sensor M/N: “STS-PRS-250” and it shown as “Cloud”. I always have trouble using it when Internet outage situations.

(Jimmy) #176

The previous generation runs local. The current one (Arrival Sensor HA) does not.


Thanks for the information. So, where can I find that thing (SmartSense Presence Tag Gen 1)? Is there any other substitution things that can run local?