FAQ: 32 Zigbee direct connection device limit?

I am not sure the aqara devices work with the V1 hub. But that’s getting pretty far off topic for this thread, which is an FAQ on the number of supported child devices, so why don’t you take Xioami/Aqara questions to the following thread and someone there should be able to help you:

With regard to zigbee repeaters that work well with smartthings, including with Xioami sensors, The best right now are probably the IKEA Tradfri plug-in pocket sockets. These are very inexpensive, £9.97 in the UK, and are available in many different countries with the appropriate socket type. It’s just a basic on/off device with one socket, but works well and, as I mentioned, is a good repeater. The Tradfri Smart bulbs also work well. (The handheld buttons and remotes, though, only have a partial integration so most people skip those.) The product description may say they need their gateway, but you can use the smartthings hub instead.

Don’t know how many children they can support, my guess would be three, but it might be five or so. :sunglasses: