UK compatible inexpensive plugs that don’t require custom code? (2019)

Can anyone point me in the direction of a slightly cheaper smartthings compatible smart plug. Very much a newbie and really not up on how to use the developer settings (also don’t wanna break anything) but also can’t really afford to be spending the kinda prices that the mainstream ones are if anyone would be so kind as to post me links to anything that “just works” with the system I would be eternally grateful

The least expensive in both the US and the UK is the IKEA Tradfri Pocketsocket. This is just a plain on/off single socket plug-in, but works well with smartthings and is also a very good Zigbee repeater.

£9.99 in the U.K. and $9.99 in the US.

The IKEA Tradfri smart bulbs and the pocketsocket work well with the smartthings hub. The handheld button and remote have only partial integration at this time.

Here is the official list of compatible devices for the UK. Anything on this list should work out of the box with smartthings with no custom requirements:

In the future, please check the UK section of this forum first, most frequently asked questions will already have topic threads there. :sunglasses:


I have a few of these if you want a z-wave option
£30.22 | Zwave Plus Smart Power Plug UK Socket For Z-wave Network Home Automation Alarm System

Ikea plugs but you will have to change a setting in the IDE to make them work, doing that is about a 2 minute job and requires no skill

At time of writing Ikea zigbee plugs do not show power useage but for on off they are excellent, dont be tempted to buy wifi plugs because they are cheap, experience tells me wifi plugs work but if your wifi drops out or you change settings on your wifi re-pairing and re connecting plugs can be a major ball ache

Zwave and zigbee plugs self heal and re self connect making the 2 standards far superior to wifi

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I picked up 10 Everspring plugs on Ebay for GBP90. They work well.

How well do they integrate? Do they just appear on the smartthings app and I’m assuming at that cost thier just a basic on/off?

Hi Ben

Yes, I just added them and they came in as expected.

Yes, these are just basis on/off switches is showing at GBP9.59 but I guess if you dig Ebay a bit deeper you’ll get them for less

What setting do you have to change? The fingerprint is added to a default zigbee handler.

i had to change the device type Jimmy, after resetting the Ikea plugs my Classic app showed “Thing” when adding so i had to go to the IDE and change to Zigbee plug

That was how the Amazon one I picked up appeared it showed on the app and added totally fine but it just said it couldn’t connect any time I told it to turn on/off

Amazon what Ben ?? what did you buy, was it an Ikea plug ??

it was one of these

simple task of changing the device type Ben, should be good to go after that, have you accessed the IDE before ?? if not this should help

go here and sign in with the relevant account

once signed in, at the top you will see “My locations” click that

On the left you will see “Home” click that

Next at the top you will see “My Devices” click that

In the list of devices that appear you will see one that is you zigbee socket, i dont know how yours was labeled when it was found ?? maybe " Thing" once you have found the relevant device ( Thing ) select its name on the left in blue and click it

at the bottom you will see " Edit" click that

in the list presented one of the options is " Type" select that and here you will find all the device types available, you simply scroll up down to find zigbee switch, select that and hit update at the bottom

leave things as they are, check your phone app for the plug and see if it works now

although to be fair, looking at the plug description ST should have picked it up as soon as a search was activated by the hub, anyway have a look in the ide as described and see if that helps

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You are quite right I haven’t access the IDE bofre and again with it coming up as “thing”.

St app found the device just didnt seem to be able to control it at all. And not being familer with the IDE stuff I didn’t wanna mess anything up. I’ll follow your steps when I’m home from work and see if I can get it working. Thanks

How long ago was that? They added the ikea fingerprint on December 29, 2018.

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Your kidding Jimmy !! I think i did mine maybe 2 or 3 days before that hahaha, hopefully though we can get Ben up and running as it seems his Zigbee plugs failed to give there fingerprint to St

Ok so I’ve managed to follow your directions Mike, low and behold damn thing works straight away. :partying_face::partying_face: Just having difficulty getting Google home to recognize it so I can use the voice control functions now… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

At a guess you need to check and change the Things name for it…my home,things,settings and rename it.
Hopefully the Home will recognise it.