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FAQ: 32 Zigbee direct connection device limit?

(Steve White) #82

To clarify this point, every Zigbee radio stack has a limit of how many devices can connect directly to it. 32 is a fairly standard number, Lowe’s Iris, SmartThings, and Hubitat all have the same limit. You can easily extend the number of devices you can connect by adding routing devices like SmartPlugs which can each directly connect to 6-8 devices, or more.

You can see how you can easily expand your mesh capacity and physical coverage with just a handful of routing devices.

(Barry) #83

FWIW - I guess I’m a “power user” because my home currently hosts 307 devices, 109 of which are Zigbee devices. All connected to a ST V2 hub and all working just fine, thank you. And most of those Zigbee devices are battery powered end nodes, to boot!

As previously noted, the trick is to distribute enough A/C powered Zigbee devices that will act as repeaters throughout your property. For me, that means at least 1 Zigbee wall switch in every room, plus a few SmartThings SmartPlugs around the exterior perimeter of my house (to pick up the 26 Zigbee Spruce lawn moisture sensors scattered across my 2+ acre lot).

One other important consideration: you want to make sure that the Zigbee channel your Hub is using isn’t overlapped with another Zigee device (e.g. Hue) and/or your WiFi channels. Such overloaps could limit the number of devices you can (reliably) connect.

Since the Zigbee channel gets auto-selected by the hub at initial install, and cannot be changed later, you might have to install/remove your hub a couple of times until it selects an out-of-the-way Zigbee channel. My ST hub uses Zigbee Channel 24, my Hues use Zigbee 25, and my WiFi uses channels 3 and 8 (I have neighbors on 1/6/11). More info on Zigbee/Wifi overlaps is here:

(Mike Kienzle) #84

Sorry for the necro here…

“In theory” the Hue bridge has a 50 bulb limit. In my experience, anything over 30 devices (sensors, dimmers, and taps) causes huge delays in the hub processing.

Maybe it is just my hub, but I have a few friends and they all have the same issues. I personally recommend the Ikea Tradfri bulbs connected directly to SmartThings, without the custom Tradfri DTH (just connect them as regular ZigBee light link devices). They have the benefit of acting as repeaters, and are the cheapest bulbs you can get if you have an Ikea nearby.