Fan control Module for existing fan installs

I’ve done a bit of searching and come up empty (surprisingly). No one seems to make a module one can install in an existing ceiling fan that will control the fan speed and light over z-wave. This seems really strange to me as it is very common for one to install a fan and have the existing wall switch either turn on the fan and light together or, if the power is in the ceiling, have the wall switch control the light and have the fan controlled by the pull string. I have several instances of this in 2 different (old) houses and could really use something like this.

yeah I went thru that too. Insteon has one but it doesnt work with our stuff

try this

Thanks, but that won’t fit my situation. It doesn’t offer speed control for the fan and has no way of controlling it if there is only one wire pair currently going from the switch to the fixture.

I’ve had the same question for months… 99% of the Wireless 3-speed-fan-plus-light use the same controller from Hampton/Harbor/etc (like this : ) , the same brains, and yet there’s no bridge to/from Z-wave.

There are threads where people have tried to reverse engineer the controller, but nobody has a working sellable solution yet.

I have 5 of these fans installed in my house… would LOVE to be able to control them via ST.