Need advice on controlling fan and lights

I just moved into a new home and I am starting the smart home project from scratch. My old house was all Insteon products and I had a pretty good feel for what to do with them, but I decided to go Z-Wave with the new house.

In a bedroom, we have a ceiling fan that has four lights on it. It is controlled with a single toggle switch on the wall and you have to use the pull cords to control the fan speed and fan on/off. I want to make this fixture Z-Wave controlled but want the lights to operate independently from the fan. Easy to do with an Insteon fan controller but I have not found a Z-Wave controller that can do it. Seems like a pretty basic function, so am looking for advice on what controller or switch I will need.

I thought about adding Z-Wave bulbs and then controlling them with a mini remote, but if the wall switch is accidentally turned off, they would not work, so I eliminated that option.


Forgot to mention that I am using the Samsung Smartthings hub.

Is the ceiling fan located in an area that you can gain attic access to the electrical box?
No one makes a single unit controller that supports both light and fan with speed control, though there are a couple of dual relay in-box micro units that may work. I’m not sure if these units support motors.

If you can get access to the ceiling box, this means that the wire from the box to your switch box is likely accessible as well, so you could do what I’ve done and replace it with 14/3 with a ground, and then cut in a larger switch box in the wall to handle two switches.