Need help automating some fans

I’m thinking about putting a ceiling fan in my office, but the office was only wired with a single switch for light. Obviously, prior to my home automation addiction, I would have just used the one switch to turn both the fan and light on/off, and the pull chains to control them individually. Being an automation addict, though, that won’t do.

So I’m trying to think of ideas to automate this. Ideally, I’d find a Z-Wave enabled version of this conversion kit. I’d settle for having the light with just plain old on/off capability and the ceiling fan adjustable like with the GE ceiling fan switch I have in my living room. That said, I can’t really think of any way to make that happen. Physical controls are not important to me in this office. Controlling everything by Z-Wave is fine.

The best I’ve come up with is leaving the physical switch on (or bypass it) and put a dual relay in the fan housing to give on/off capability to the light and fan individually. I’d still have to adjust the fan speed with the chain, though. Maybe if I had a fan with a wide housing, I could conceal a whole ceiling fan switch in there.


Bonus question: Does anybody know if you can control a whole-house attic fan with one of those GE ceiling fan switches?

EDIT: THIS is what I want, but for Z-Wave, not Insteon.

Hampton Bay is supposed to be coming out with a zigbee version of that insteon controller.

Oooooooh that’s perfect!

I also mostly answered my attic fan question. Long story short, no, that switch won’t work.

I use a regular GE on/off zwave switch for my attic fan. No speed control.

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This looks like a great product, but it needs the Insteon hub to operate. I was considering this myself along with the 6 button wall switch, but because I am just getting into the smart home, I’m not sure if the Insteon hub will work with Alexa or Smartthings. My line of thinking is that eventually I will have lots of different hubs with corresponding apps to run things, rather than say, everything run by one hub on one app. And I dont know if that is normal, but certainly does not seem ideal.

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This is the product. it was supposed to be out last year. add your email to the notfiy option and hopefully they will get it tou soon and someone can create a device handler for it.

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If the wiring was done recently, there should be two sets of wiring one for fan and other for light. But the installer, some time use one line for both fan and light. That was happened to me. Then I separated the both light and fan connections and re-connected them to the individual z-wave switches. Please check your switches and wiring.

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