False leak detected all of a sudden

Since last update, I have two leak detectors that keep showing WET condition for no reason. These have been working fine for two years but since hub firmware update on DEC 10, I’m getting multiple false readings. They are both showing WET right now and the only way to get them to show DRY is to dip them in water. WHY?
They are Logitech leak detectors from lowes. They are lised in SMARTTHINGS as EVERSPRING FLOOD SENSOR. I’ve tested them several times over two years and they worked great. I changed the batteries after the first couple false detections and the batteries that came out of both were 100% as well as the new ones I put in.
The one sensor is set to shut the main water valve off on WET detection, which it did at 1am the other night. After that, our dishwasher and water filter backflow epmtied the water heater and I think it burned out the element. I would rather have a burned out element than water damage any day but not because Smartthings isn’t working correctly all of a sudden.

I tried calling Tech support the other day. After talking to the automated system and saying SMARTTHINGS 5 times, it transfered me to cell phone support. When a guy finally answered and I explained why I called, he had to put me on hold to see if they were “open” at the time. WHAT??? Finally transfered me back to Smartthings. After a difficult time trying to explain my simple problem and going through some steps with him, I was disconnected. I called back, went through the whole thing again and disconnected again. Called back again and after 18 minutes on hold…disconnected again. Now I’m completely frustrated with this thing. Any ideas would be appreciated.
Thanks, John

On calling ST support, the best practice is to request a call back. That way you don’t have to wait on hold. May not help with the disconnects.

For the leak sensors, what device handler are using for them. In my own use, I found the ST device handlers that were local caused more false alerts as opposed to custom device handlers which did not have local execution. But that is my own experience.

I have an original ST Fortrezz detector and it now randomly says WET for no reason. I hit the reset button and it’s good for a month. I have move it to a different location but still fails periodically. It is now replaced by a Xiaomi sensor.
I opened it up, all looks perfect and the battery is new.
At the end of the day these are just electronic components prone to failure.

You could try unlinking them and add them back in.

One thing I might suggest is adding a siren like the Aeotec. I had a water leak when a line for the water softener broke about 1am. The Dome water valve shut the water off as I wanted. But the water sat in the basement until I turned on a faucet at 5am and saw no water flow. Then I checked my iPhone and saw an alert from SmartThings. I added the Aeotec alarm and now when a sensor detects a water leak, the siren shrieks and wakes the dogs next door. I have it set to only sound for a minute, but it can be set to sound for a longer period of time.

I had my two Xiaomi/Aqara water sensors send false “wet” alarms after the recent update as well. They’re both using the bspranger DTH, which thankfully allows for override. After overriding the wet status, I tested them and they seemed to be working fine, showing wet when actually wet, and returning to dry status once dry.