Just Joined the Ranks of Those Saved by a Water Sensor

I just got my first real water leak alert. I have two hot water tanks side by side, sitting in trays in the attic. One sprang a leak late this morning (and not a slow leak either) and my ST water sensor did it’s trick. I got a voice notification on all my Sonos, lights turned on and my phone went crazy. Water is off and the leak contained to the tank tray and a plumber on the way (I have a home warranty too). Last time my tanks leaked they overflowed the trays before I noticed.

Feeling very relieved right now.


Awesome to know you won’t have to deal with extra headache. Water leak is a pain and sometime it’s hard to detect.


Very good! I need to set one of those up as well. What water sensor do you have?

The SmartThings one. I’ve read complaints about ST’s other sensors but this water sensor has been fine.

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I bought a couple on sale at lowes and they seem to be working good 6 months later. Just did some recent testing too.

Mine was pretty well in the water but has reset to ‘dry’ again and worked again with me testing it a few times. I’ll test it a few more times to make sure it’s not damaged before relying on it again. Battery life has been good. Still sitting at 78% and it was deployed in September.

Tank number two bit the dust this morning. ST saved us again with a heads-up. Plumber scheduled.