False alarm... >.>

Let’s share how pissed off I am at ST!

I just moved to a new development last week, I’ve been eagerly awaiting Abode and it just arrived today… I got ST early so it was going to be a secondary and confirmatory Security system + home automation…

Today was like any other day except a large T-Storm came, I received a front door intrusion alert but no motion detection. Oh man, I just spent 500$ and its sitting on my passenger seat awaiting to be installed, could I of been robbed THAT FAST?

Being 10 miles away and a full time job all I could confirm is that sensor tripped. I had no eyes, all the sudden my internet went out, which sits behind my 58 inch TV.

Holy, someone’s in my Apartment…?

I couldn’t confirm, so I didn’t call the police but I left work early, sped back home, arrived at the front door. It’s locked, Was someone from the Apt Staff in my apartment?

Entered, everything is there, thank God. So what the hell happened?

I must of turned off my light switch on the way out the door, this is hooked up to my internet (Will fix this) , This engaged my backup battery and ran all the way from 8am to 3pm. And the detection happened at one, internet went out at 3pm. Why did it trip?

I went to the Apt admin and they pulled the key reports, no one from them had been in my apartment, I changed some things, Needing to be called before anyone enters ect.

That night I went to class and got yet ANOTHER intrusion alert. This time I had Abode’s Streaming camera facing the door, stayed closed, no intrusion. Backup battery recovered (Cyberpower)

Battery on 66% on the front door and Patio door is 77% Both ST Multi sensors, Patio door has never false tripped.

I will never trust ST again from a security perspective, I do like that when I exit the fence it turns off my TV, and music but it WILL be a secondary system.

I’m FED UP the first time. I’m in a super safe area, lived through a home invasion with a man wielding a claw hammer.

Anyone have any input? 66% shouldn’t trip a sensor? Thunderstorms mess with Z-Wave?

Never say “never”…

SmartThings is a long way from having the stability and user configuration assistance necessary to function as a Security System at this time, but may eventually earn our faith. A lot more of the code has to run local, and there have to be good ways to double-check and override false alarms, etc.; but it’s all feasible – someday.

Not the thunderstorm. Probably not the sensor at all. Most likely a platform issue. Multiple people reported multiple problems and there was something listed on the status page today.

I use SmartThings for noncritical notifications like the guestroom window being open when rain is expected. But I have a separate security system for anything that requires reliability. It’s a personal decision, but I know it’s very frustrating.

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Digging this up again. For the past year i’ve been using SmartThings as a backup to Abode and I have never been happier. Smart things provides lights blinking and tv on plus all Apartment lights on for me in the event of triggered alarm.

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