Failed to Connect Route after installing Aeotec repeater

I recently purchased Aeotec repeater with good reviews and hub states " connected". It is hanging on an ext cord high in a window line of site to a GE plus lite switch that occasionally goes unavailabe, but sometimes returns online with manual tap of the switch. Distance is exactly 60ft line of site to the switch. Samsung motion sensor on top of switch’s external fiberglass enclosure always works at that distance. I have rebuilt zwave network but still cant find route to switch intermittently. Should I just install another hub? Nothing is different from before after installing Aeotec repeater, all switches on house outside wall facing garage are also GE plus -same distance,function with no problems. Also have excluded many times and tried another switch.

I’ve had issues with z-wave mesh at distances less than 40ft with clear line of sight.

Adding multiple Aoetec repeaters to bring individual hop distances to under 30ft cleared up a lot of problems for me. IIRC, I had to do a couple of Z-wave repairs after getting all the repeaters in place.

Everything I have is Z-wave Plus. Sure wish there was an affordable network topology tool.

Thanks for the info Hal, unfortunately the distance between repeaters would be close to 50ft due to no power between house and detached garage. That is why maybe another hub in the garage might work.

From what I’ve read here, two hubs is a huge pain. I believe Amazon Echo and Google Home can only interact with one hub at this time, which may or may not matter to you.

You should search this site for threads about detached garages and workshops. I know I’ve seen such discussions referenced before.

Yeah I also read that could be a pain, but at this point not using any voice control and woul definately no need it in the garage. Thanks again for your help and will check other threads.

How-to article in the community – created wiki:


Thank you both. Excellent reading!!!

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