Z-Wave unresponsive

None of my Z-wave devices are responding on my network. I’ve done a hub reboot and a Z-wave network repair. I’ve also sent an email to support. Any ideas on anything else I can try or check? Thanks!

Edit: I have two Aeotec Multi 6’s that are working. But a third isn’t repsonding. So not all Z-Wave, just most of them.

So the issue is with one z-wave device? Or more than one?

It was all but two… I’ve done a few Z-wave repairs, and I’ve gotten everything but one switch back up. Looks like I may have a bad GE in-wall toggle switch. Could all of my z-wave devices except for two use that one device as a repeater? I only have around 10 Z-wave devices total.

And apparently, it can… I did a reset on the switch and used the replace feature to re-pair the device without removing it, and all is well with the world again. It’s insane to think almost all of my device were routing through a single switch as a repeater when that switch is a little more than six feet from the hub itself…

As you probably noticed, ST doesn’t really offer any tools besides the z-wave repair to try to troubleshoot z-wave issues. There’s no way to actually see how things are routed through the mesh network, for example.

Yep. I’ve seen the complaints about it before, and I’ve thought it would be nice. Though, I guess I gave the mesh credit for being a tad more resilient than it apparently is… I’ve had that same switch flake out once before, but it didn’t bring many, if any, of my other devices down with it when it did. Oh well…