Aeotec Range Extender

Anyone have experience with the Aeotec Range Extender (z-wave repeater)? I have a detached garage that is ~150 feet from my hub and I would like to connect a couple of devices in it. I know that z-wave has a range of ~60 feet so I would need something to bridge the signal. Unfortunately, I do not have a light switch or light near the garage to get another type of z-wave device to extend the range towards my garage. So to do this I was going to try using , so I was wondering if anyone had any experience with it. How well it works, how easy it is to set up. that kind of info. Any help would be appreciated.

I recently had to purchase one due to a dead spot in my house. It was easy to install, and does the job. I initially paired it close to the hub and then moved it into location. Once I did that, I ran a z-wave repair, though I don’t know if the last step was absolutely necessary

How did you go about installing it? I have tried installing it per the instructions that it came with but I’m not having any luck. I have tried pairing it while it is 2 feet from the hub and it does not want to pair.

It installed for me without issue. My biggest challenge was finding the right place to put it. Is the unit brand new?

You may want to go into the hubs settings at and try a z-wave exclude. I know I had to do that at one point in order to remove and re-add one of my switches that I was having trouble with

What is a z-wave exclude, and how do I go about doing it?

Kevintierney is probably correct, if it is not including into your network, you may need to do a reset on the device. This means you have to first exclude the device from your network, then try to re-included it. Do it in that order 2-3 times until it finally works. Do not exclude-exclude-exclude then include-include-include, that won’t work, do it exclude-include, exclude-include, that should work.

This is very common and is sometimes required by other devices of any type, the Home ID is set at the factory when they do quality control tests before they ship, that first Home ID node needs to be cleared before it will accept a new one, yours. Remember this procedure any time you have trouble including any z-wave device.

Hope that helps.

To do an exclude

  1. Log into
  2. Click on My Hubs
  3. Click on the name of the hub
  4. Click on view utilities
    5.Click on Z-Wave Exclude
  5. Right below where you clicked you should see the message “Z-Wave exclude mode initiated for 15 seconds”
  6. Try adding the device. I cant remember if you just plug it in, or if you had to hit the button, but hopefully this time it should work

I happen to have one of these repeaters myself and I’ve tried excluding it even though I’ve never successfully paired it, still nothing. It will pair up with a Vera Lite (and exclude from the same) so I know it’s working :\ I suppose I’ll give it another go when I get home from work.

When I tried to add a new device, it would not seem to find it. But then he would tell me there was an unassigned device available. I named the device, and the blinking red light on the range extender did stick to solid red. However, my device which is just out of range from my hub will still not work properly unless I bring it closer to the hub. The distance between my range extender and the device that is out of range is less than 50 feet with no obstructions.

When I add the range extender, should I select a predefined device category? Right now I’m just using the, find new device option. I’m wondering if the commands are not being passed through to the extender correctly because maybe it’s not sure exactly what device is connected to.

Also, when I go into the extender and look at activity, it says the last activity was that the extender is off. No matter how many times I tried to turn it on or off, will that change.

Can anyone help me?

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There is a device “Z-Wave Relay” (or something like that). Try changing it to that. When ST imported all of the Z-Wave devices I have paired up to my Vera they were all configured as “Z-Wave Device” and they wouldn’t do a thing. When I updated them to what they really are, Z-Wave Switch for instance, I gained the ability to toggle the switch on and off.

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I purchased the extender for the same reason and although I was able to pair it with ST, it has not increased my range (not even a bit).

I currently have it set to a “Z-Wave Device”, haven’t tried a relay device type, maybe i’ll give that a shot.

I also have an Aeon Labs Multi Sensor. Supposedly when it’s plugged in, it also acts as a range extender as well, this also hasn’t worked for me.

My Z-Wave light switches are not even that far from my hub and their reliability is very low. I’m considering getting the Zigbee ones but wish I knew how to get my range further in my house. Do you have to buy another hub???

No, you only need one hub (it can support up to 200+ devices).
There are zwave and zigbee extenders like the ones mentioned on this thread.

What devices are you using? Some devices have really poor range, and other older devices may require you to pair within a few feet of the hub.

@thegibertchan I’m using GE z-wave switches. They paired fine its just they actually only turn on and off the lamp less than 50% of the time and one of them is in the next room only ~30 feet away. The other is an additional ~20 feet.

@theworm, I think what you’re experiencing is a different issue pertaining to this device specifically.

There’s more details on this thread regarding this: GE/Jasco Z-Wave Plug In Outlets No Longer Logging On/Off Events

I too have this issue and will need to unplug and replug the switch when this happens. I’ve tried to unpair/repair the modules a few times without any improvements. I would wait for a patch or use a different device.

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@thegibertchan Thanks! I bet this is it and these things SUCK! They were the first things I added after the initial ones that came with my hub. Since then I have been reluctant to expand the system but maybe it is just these SThings = Sucky Things.

Thanks again


No Problem.

Once I figured out that it wasn’t just my setup and device specific, I’ve been having a good time controlling my lights.

Depending on what you’re trying to control, you can use other appliance switches or connected bulbs.
Try any of the following:

  • SmartSense Appliance Module
  • GE Wall Switches
  • TCP Connected Bulbs
  • Philips Hue
  • Quirky Power Strip

I honestly believe once you get over this hurdle, you’ll start enjoying the easier life with ST.

Hello. I am new to this. But did you get your range extender to work. Mine stays off also. If so what did you have to do . Thanks

I was going to reply that I was able to get it to work. However, I gave it about 2 weeks before I responded. I initially got it to work, and it worked well for a period of time. Then something happened, what I have no idea. It doesn’t want to work at all anymore. I have not had time to look into what went wrong. I will post again if I figure out what’s going on.

Last fall 2014 I thought that I had a SmartThings signal to my back bedroom of my second home in the Rockies approx 60’ from my ST Hub. I had installed a light in a window that my closest neighbor about 1/2 mile away could see. I noticed that occasionally the light would not function as the signal was passing through 4 walls. When I was back in my other home in the SF Bay Area approx 1,260 miles away I turned on that back bedroom light. According to my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Smartphone that light was lit but my neighbor couldn’t see any light! When I returned my my second home in the Rockies I immediately bought a Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave Range Extender/Repeater which paired without problem and I could turn on that light repeatedly without a problem. I was sold on that Range Extender and bought 5 more (3 as spares). Right now I’m trying to get a SmartThings signal into my all metal shop building about 150’ from my house. As long as I have the large shop doors open I can turn on lights, etc in my shop building but when I close the doors all signals are dead! I have a side window that I’m going to try and get a signal through to a Range Extender that I’m going to locate inside that window. I located another Range Extender in an outlet on my Power Pole about 100’ from that window. Needless to say I’m sold on the Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave Range Extender/Repeater.