Factory resetting Smartthings 2018 hub not working

Hi everyone

I recently bought a Smartthings 2018 hub, multipurpose sensor and motion sensor from Amazon.co.uk. I had the items shipped to Iceland where I live. I managed to get the hub up and running with the new Smartthings app but I was unable to pair either sensor with my hub. After some googling it turns out that my Samsung account is registered to Iceland which means that I am unable to pair almost any device with my hub.

So I decided to create an US Samsung account. I deleted the hub from the online web interface for Smartthings and tried to hard reset the hub according to instructions. But no matter how long I waited while pressing the reset button nothing happened. No additional led were seen indicating that the reset had been successful. I also think it is strange that the hub should be disconnected while doing the reset.

So all I have now is a hub that I am unable to reach since it is not in pairing mode. If it is connected by wifi the blue led blinks and if it connected on ethernet the is green.

Anyone have any idea what I can do?

With regards,

I managed to factory reset it. The reason why I was unable to factory reset it is because the instructions for that only state that the user should disconnect the power to the hub. At no point do they state that the user should connect the power again :slight_smile:

But now the hub is connected to my US ST account. Hopefully I will have no problem connecting my EU based sensor to the hub :smile: