Factory Reset Phone Restore From Google Backup

If I backup my LG V50 Android 10 phone using Google account backup, then Factory Reset the phone, then Restore from backup, will my existing Hub V3 and all it’s devices and automations just show up and be working? Or will I have to start from scratch?

your devices and automations will be fine since that is coming from the cloud. but the dashboard will be rearranged when you login to the app. i imagine you will need to enable get location if you are using it in the ST app and recreate any automations using location.

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OK follow up… What if I Restore from Google backup to a new / different phone?

same… you will need to enable get location for this device and redo any automations that were using get locations. devices and automations will be available … on any phone whether new or restored when you sign in.

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I will be so relieved if this works. Thanks!

Confirm what @jkp said.

I recently moved from a Pixel 2 to a Pixel 4a-5G by using combination of backup/restore and direct connection between phones via USB (faster than my 100Mbps internet connection).

You’ll need to sign in to the SmartThings app, and every other app for that matter. Credentials are not included in the backup/restore/copy process.

So, currently my old phone has been factory reset and sent in for trade in credit. I have a new phone but I went through the setup procedure without doing the restore from google cloud backup. I signed into the ST app but the Hub and devices that were on my old phone are not showing up.

Is that expected? Could I simply scan the barcode on the Hub and everything I had setup before will populate? Or do I need to Factory Reset the new phone and restore from google cloud backup?

Also, once I do have everything working on the new phone, if I sign into ST app on different devices - Tablet etc, will the Hub and devices automatically show up there?


to confirm… you are using the same samsung account on both phones?

second thing to check… go to menu in the app, you should see “Home” listed with a down arrow, click it it and check that you don’t have multiple locations. if you do… select the other.

Yes signed into ST app on the new phone with same samsung account that I was using on the old phone. ST app on new phone is already showing location as Home but no Hub or Devices.

Also, if I go to the Hub Admin website (…api.smartthings.com/device/list), the ONLY thing listed there is my old phone, and two custom Device Handlers… no Hub online, none of the sensors online, etc. Strangely, the old phone that is already Factory Reset, turned OFF, and currently on a UPS truck somewhere, is showing as Online!

you are logging in at https://account.smartthings.com ?

Yes, that’s correct

and you did click on it to make sure there is not a second one listed?

or check locations in IDE (hub admin that you called it)

at this point, you may want to contact ST support for assistance. tagging @garrett.kranz

you should be able to login with your samsung account on any phone, tablet or IDE and see your hub and devices. if you are not seeing them then there must be an issue or something going on that only they can assist.

I did click on it and no second one listed. I’m just wondering if it all dissapeared when I factory reset the old phone, won’t even show on the Admin website until a phone with the old Hub configuration is truly Online… If that is the case I am ok with factory resetting the new phone and restoring from Google cloud.

factory resetting the phone should not have any impact. contact ST support and let them investigate.

So logging into ST on the new phone before Factory Resetting the old phone should not be required to “save” everything? I guess I don’t understand where everything is stored?

everything is in the cloud. when you login to the app, it gets all the data from the cloud.

Ok so Factory reseting this new phone and restoring from Google cloud does nothing for me.

that is correct in regards to the ST app

as long as you are logging in with the correct samsung account and did not delete anything from the app… everything should be on any device when you login. but something is definitely going on in your situation and ST support should be able to figure it out for you.

Ok, I feel REALLY stupid right now. I was logging in with the wrong Samsung account. I found out that I had more than one log-in setup in my password manager. I have corrected that, logged in with the REAL Samsung ST account and everything is there! Confusion and ignorance on my part, sorry.

Thank God