Fabriq speaker is 40$ on amazon again!

Lightning deal for 5 more hours. Get them while you can. Keep reading how people where going to wait until they where on sale again.

Link for those looking for it.

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is it just me or can you only buy 1?

Normally with lightning deals you can only get 1 at the lightning deal price or you have to use different accounts.

well poop…

You can try ordering one of each color , see if it gives you the discount on them all.

ya I tried that as well. no big deal.

Placed my order for a Earl Gray. Hoping the thing works.

wonder how the Fabriq speaker is compared to Pure T2 that I just ordered… hopefully I did not miss out on anything nicer on the Fabriq… :frowning:

I wonder if this speaker is firmware updatable, if it is maybe the Echo can be made to listen without touching the button.

What do you do to connect to your WiFi?

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Back on another deal until 9:10pm ET if you still need another one

I picked one up.
Figure I will put it in my kitchen and connect it to my kitchen tablet… Then I can move my Echo into the bedroom, put the Google Home in the hallway, and continue to just use the Fire TV voice remote for the living room.

Just received my Fabriq, and wondering about something I read in an Amazon review after I received the speaker.

The person claimed that the speaker would not run off USB power when plugged in, that it can only run off battery, and even if plugged in the speaker will run off battery until it’s depleted, and then turn off until the battery is charged again.

This sounds weird, I have never owned another device that behaved this way. Can anyone confirm? The battery life on this device is so poor that it is a must to leave it plugged in to be usable. I left mine on overnight just sitting there doing nothing and it was dead in the morning. The other odd/potentially troublesome issue was that when I plugged it in and turned it back on, it was no longer connected to my network - I had to go through the Frabiq app and re-connect the speaker to my network.

For anyone wondering from the question from @joelw135 above, the speaker is FW upgradable, mine found and accepted a FW update the first time I connected it to my network.

I have mine plugged in all the time. The problem is the door that covers the USB plug is the door that holds the buttons. So it is a bit harder to invoke the Alexa app, but not impossible.


What I meant about FW upgrade was having hands free Alexa.

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Thanks for confirming the power behavior, and the firmware question.

So I’m finally actually using my Frabiq to play some music (getting my Christmas spirit on).

I’m unexpectedly pleased with it - I didn’t think I would use it for much more than TTS announcements from SmartThings, but the sound from it, for its size, is very nice. Certainly nicer than my Google Home (which I often use for quick and easy music listening). When these go on sale again for $30 I will probably pick up another for the bedroom.

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what app are you using to play music?

I have a Synology NAS, and keep my music on it. Synology has an app called Audio Station that can be run from a browser on laptop/chromebook, or installed on Android/iOS smartphones. Allows me to play music to DLNA (and other) devices.